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At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we are dedicated to giving back, and enhancing the lives of our community. We are focusing our efforts upon a charitable group that we believe in, Artists for Trauma. This group was founded by Laura Sharpe in 2011.

About Laura Sharpe

Laura was the sole survivor of a helicopter crash in which she sustained near-fatal wounds and burns. She connected with the world of art to help her regain her health, both physically and mentally. After her recovery, she chose to establish Artists for Trauma to help others who have suffered trauma, to move forward and reinvent their lives in the most positive way possible.

The Healing Power of Art

Laura discovered she could channel the pain and emotional trauma of her experience through connecting with art. AFT is committed to enriching the lives of the injured, whether a member of the military or a civilian, through connecting them with established artists in various fields. The expression of the pain, loss, and emotions after traumatic injuries is a very difficult process; expediting long-term recovery through artistic expression can restore a lost sense of purpose and joy in living. The interactive relationship between artist and patient is fun, rewarding, and empowering.

Lasky Aesthetic & Laser Center: Together We Can Make a Difference for Trauma Victims

At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we have worked with many victims of trauma, helping them to reduce the appearance of visible scars, skin pigmentation issues, and other aesthetic issues associated with injuries. We take our responsibility to these patients very seriously – we know that what we do will have a powerful impact upon the future, quality of life, and self-confidence. Laura Sharpe, our patient, has created a group that we believe in and are proud to support – Artists for Trauma, and we invite the artistic community and others to participate in supporting this worthy endeavor.

Recovering from Trauma

After serious trauma, an individual goes through several different recovery phases, physical and emotional. Initially, the focus is upon stabilizing the patient. Treatment for severe injuries can require many months, or even years to treat. Burns are some of the most painful injuries to experience, and require many surgeries.

Currently, our team of professionals at Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center is involved in helping Laura Sharpe reduce the appearance of her scars with advanced laser technology. With four weeks in a coma, 43 broken bones, and burns covering over 40 percent of her body, she had a long journey to recovery.

The emotional impact of the injuries can be extensive, with changes in appearance and mobility typically leading to overwhelming emotional distress. Artists for Trauma seeks to assist the injured through this difficult phase, through engagement with artists in a range of artistic disciplines. In Laura’s case, she collaborated with six acclaimed artists, and in so doing created a new approach for healing and recovery.

Rediscovering the Joys of Living After Trauma

To help others facing the aftermath of serious trauma to restore hope, and rediscover the beauty in life, she established Artists for Trauma. The interaction with the artists participating in the program allowed her to rise above the pain and enhance her quality of life in ways that had seemed impossible, considering the injuries she sustained.

About Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center: Scar Treatments

If you or a loved one has suffered severe trauma and were left with visible scars, modern aesthetic technology brings new hope. Depending upon the type of scar tissue, various treatments are available. Each person has a unique situation, and only a comprehensive evaluation of the scar tissue will reveal which treatment will produce the greatest improvement for the patient. We may use one of the following advanced laser systems to minimize the appearance of visible scars:

Fraxel Laser

The Fraxel Dual is a system that is effective in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and the textural changes in the skin from scarring. This advanced system works to stimulate the natural healing process so the skin can regrow healthy skin cells. The advantage of the system is that is does not damage healthy tissue, reducing recovery time.

Fractional CO2 Laser

The Fractional CO2 laser is the gold standard in skin resurfacing laser technology. While older generation lasers tended to damage surrounding tissues, this treatment has fewer side effects and a shorter recovery time. The treatment is very effective in treating the uneven skin texture of various types of facial and body scars, and stimulates the regenerative processes of the body to smooth and even texture, elasticity, and tone of the upper layer of skin.

Supporting the Community: Beverly Hills Laser Scar Treatment

Our team at Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center is focused on supporting our community, including the LGBT community. We are here to make a difference in the lives of those we treat, and we invite you to visit our luxurious Beverly Hills clinic and find out more about laser scar treatments and how we can help you on your journey to recovery. We urge you to discover more about Artists for Trauma and how this dedicated group helps victims of trauma restore quality of life.

At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we are dedicated to giving back, and enhancing the lives of our community. We are focusing our efforts upon a charitable group that we believe in, Artists for Trauma.

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