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Juvederm Injections in Beverly Hills for Facial Rejuvenation

In Beverly Hills, the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center specializes in nonsurgical facial and skin enhancement in a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. For many people, dermal fillers offer a wonderful opportunity to smooth out some flaws and restore the precious dewy look of youth. At Lasky Aesthetics, we offer the full line of Juvederm products: Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC.

Another set of miracles from the makers of Botox, these are clear injectable gels that fill creases and let you move on with life. Our certified, licensed injection specialists are ready to listen to your concerns and help you determine the best options for banishing wrinkles and fine lines. We want to have you smiling again.

What is Juvederm?

With its hyaluronic acid, Juvederm's syringe of youth-conferring gel offers seemingly endless applications. It is a dermal filler originally approved for smoothing wrinkles and scars. Aesthetic injection specialists and patients alike have embraced it, applying its plumping, firming qualities to correct:

  • Forehead rows — horizontal wrinkles that cross your forehead above your brows.
  • Glabellar lines — vertical frown lines between your brows.
  • Nasolabial folds — smile or marionette lines running from your nose to the corners of your mouth.
  • Lateral canthal wrinkles — crow’s feet or laugh lines.
  • Lip shape, contour, fullness or asymmetrical imbalance.
  • Facial contour flaws.
  • Scarring where skin is sunken or pitted.

It is an easy, viable choice for Los Angeles patients to address mild or moderate wrinkles, folds, creases or sunken scars that may be marring your skin. It can also offer effective contouring and shaping options. Between the Ultra, Ultra Plus and XC formulations, we can treat most mild or moderate skin wrinkles and deep scars.

Juvederm Reviews, Testimonials and Results

Everyone needs reassurance before they undergo a procedure. You want to be confident that you will still look like you — only better, younger, the way you looked before the wrinkles appeared. You want to hear about other people’s experiences and see their successful results. Thanks to the power of the Internet, resources abound.

Read reviews from our patients, and you will quickly realize that Juvederm's formula does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The main difference between those happy with their results and those who are less than satisfied has less to do with the Juvederm gel and more to do with the aesthetic injection specialist, such as our nurse practitioners and physician’s assistant, who performed the procedure.

Like most cosmetic procedures, injecting dermal fillers is an art. It depends on the skill, expertise, experience and finesse of the individual wielding that fine needle. Attention to detail and a clear understanding of what you want to achieve can make all the difference. Most patients are thrilled with their results and plan to maintain them with follow-up procedures.

For a clinical, or statistical evaluation of Juvederm,’s website contains information on clinical trials that demonstrated improvements of up to 90% after one treatment.

What is Juvederm made of?

Juvederm's primary active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, often referred to as nature’s moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like sugar found naturally in your body’s cells, especially in your eyes and joints. It makes up 40% of your dermis, the lower skin layer. With cushioning and lubricating qualities similar to gelatin, it draws and holds water molecules. It restores moisture to thinning tissues and aging collagen, making it the perfect candidate for banishing wrinkles and restoring a youthful, dewy appearance.

The gel comes in several formulas and strengths: Ultra, Ultra Plus, Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC. All are synthetically derived through chemical cross-linking, meaning no use of animal products, less chance of any adverse reaction and longer-lasting results. Too, the Hylacross biotechnology used to synthetically create this smooth filler makes it less granular and more stable compared with others.

Ultra VS Ultra Plus

The basic difference between the forms is that the Ultra Plus is a more robust, or thicker, version of the Ultra. The Ultra contains 9% hyaluronic acid while the Ultra Plus has 11%. Each has its uses, depending on the application site, skin flaw depth and skin condition. Juvederm XC designations simply indicate that the dermal filler has an added 0.3% lidocaine, a local anesthetic to prevent any discomfort during the procedure.

Why Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center in Beverly Hills?

If you are considering allowing someone to make aesthetic enhancements on your face, you need experienced, certified specialists you can trust to understand your concerns and make your dream a reality, not your reality your worst nightmare. Our professional team here at Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center has more than 30 years of experience in providing optimal, luxury facial care.

Each of us truly believes that each patient is unique and deserves our full attention. We will never hurry you or gloss over details. When we consult with you or perform your treatment, we will treat you as if you are our one and only patient.

Customized Treatments

At Lasky Aesthetics in Los Angeles, we focus solely on what we do best: minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements tailored to our patients’ needs. Our licensed specialists are highly trained, experienced and ready to share their knowledge with you. You will always know why we recommend something, and you will always know exactly what to expect.

We realize we are only as successful as our last patient’s smile and want your experience to be as pleasant as possible. We specialize in making an aesthetic difference, one beautiful face at a time.

Lasky Aesthetics Consultation — What Can We Offer You?

Your consultation at our MedSpa in Beverly Hills is one of the most important parts of the whole process. At that time, you’ll meet your certified injection specialist and be able to explain exactly what you hope to achieve with the procedure. Your specialist can advise you on which products will work best for your skin issues and help establish realistic expectations and time frames.

Step One

The first step will be for your injection specialist to examine your areas of concern. During the consultation, you should expect to discuss:

  • Your skin’s condition and quality
  • The extent of the damage you want to treat
  • What you hope to achieve as a result
  • Any allergies or other medical conditions you may have
  • Steps you need to take prior to the procedure
  • What to expect during the actual procedure
  • Choices in anesthetics
  • Juvederm after care
  • Any possible side effects
  • What costs will be involved

If you take aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen, your specialist will also recommend that you cease taking it for at least a week in advance of your procedure to prevent bleeding or bruising.

This is a time to be completely honest with your specialist. Our expert team wants to provide you only the best experience and results, but that can only happen if everyone has a crystal clear understanding of your lifestyle and what you’re seeking.

When you leave, you will have a set appointment date for the procedure and a personalized comprehensive treatment plan in hand that you can review at home. By taking the time to get to know and understand you, we can be sure to give you an optimal experience.

How are Juvederm injections administered?

Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center uses only certified licensed injection specialists, highly trained in all the nuances of injecting dermal fillers to achieve the results you want, under the supervision of top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Needles are extremely fine and small to allow precise placement of the hyaluronic acid gel exactly where it needs to be and only where you want it to be. We offer all four formulations: Ultra, Ultra Plus, Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC. We work to your expectations and are sensitive to your need for a quick, pain-free experience.

The Procedure

The actual procedure for injecting the Juvederm filler is straightforward. You can expect your specialist to:

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly to remove any makeup or other impurities that could adversely affect your results.
  • Mark the exact areas to be treated.
  • Possibly apply a topical or other anesthetic to alleviate discomfort, depending on the procedure.
  • Using a very fine needle, inject the clear gel into the wrinkle or sunken tissue.
  • Spend several seconds on each injection.

During each injection, your licensed specialist will slide the needle into the mid-to-deep levels of the skin, smoothly injecting the clear gel along the path. With Juvederm XC, the path in numbs the area, and subsequent injections along or near that pathway can also benefit from the lidocaine’s numbing effects.

Common Juvederm Questions and Answers

how do juvederm products work?

As time, sun, gravity, repeated facial expressions, age, weight loss, scarring or other conditions affect our skin, wrinkles, folds, sunken scars and fine lines result. Skin becomes dry and thin, its layers lose elasticity and connective collagen tissue begins to fail.

Minimally invasive, the Juvederm filler is a clear hyaluronic acid gel that, when injected, can plump fine wrinkles and moderate lines to smooth the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing sugar that occurs naturally in the body but decreases with age.

Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus use a synthetically produced hyaluronic acid gel that is chemically cross-linked to provide an even, nongranular consistency. A carbohydrate sugar form, the hyaluronic acid draws moisture to not only fill in creases and sunken pitted areas but also hydrate surrounding tissues and help stimulate collagen, the main structural protein in connective tissue.

Injection specialists like how the gel flows from the needle, responds to controlled applications and provides a predictably smooth appearance. Patients love how the finished result is immediate, with noticeable smoothing of the skin without a radical change in appearance.

How long does Juvederm last?

Juvederm injections last up to a year, depending on your skin condition, age, nutritional habits and skin care regimens. Poor diets, dehydration, alcohol use, smoking and rough handling all have debilitating effects on skin and a treatment’s life span.

Juvederm's Ultra Plus is the longest lasting hyaluronic-based filler available. Even with the more robust Ultra Plus formulation, your body will eventually reabsorb this natural material after a year. One of the benefits of lasting a year, however, is that, unlike injection treatments using nonbiodegradable fillers, this gel lasts quite a while but leaves no foreign residue. Your specialist can make adjustments so that your filler can continue to suit your skin, weight and appearance as time inevitably makes additional changes.

Who is a candidate?

You are a good candidate to achieve optimal Juvederm results if you have light or moderate facial lines, wrinkles or sunken scars that are making you feel dissatisfied with your appearance. We’ve used Ultra and Ultra Plus to treat wrinkles around the nose and mouth, cheeks, forehead and eye area.

It is also effective for filling and smoothing areas pitted from acne or rashes. Ultra Plus is also a quick, effective way to augment or contour the lip area, especially if your lips are thinning, asymmetrical or out of balance with the rest of your facial features.

Are Juvederm treatments painful?

Treatments are quick and relatively pain-free thanks to the XC formulations of Juvederm with lidocaine and other topical and local anesthetics that are available. Lidocaine provides instant relief on contact. Following the procedure, you may experience some sensitivity until any injection site swelling disappears. Usually a cold compress with ice is sufficient.

What about anesthesia?

Use of anesthesia differs among patients and procedures. Since Juvederm's XC formulations contain lidocaine, that is often sufficient. The lidocaine instantly numbs on contact and often provides relief for successive injections needed to fill an area. However, some procedures requiring deeper injections in highly sensitive areas may merit a nerve block to ensure a patient is relaxed, and the licensed injection specialist can focus fully on aesthetics.

How long does Juvederm treatment take?

Your injection specialist will spend several seconds on each injection. Most simple procedures take only 15 or 20 minutes. More complex ones — contouring lips or filling wrinkles around the eyes — may require more time, 35 or 40 minutes. Add some time to check in and check out, and at most, you have an hour invested in visibly rolling back years.

When will I see results?

You will see results immediately. As soon as your injection specialist finishes the procedure, you will recognize that the injection of Juvederm gel has smoothed your skin. You may notice some swelling, redness or irritation at the injection sites, but that is usually easily concealed with light makeup, and dissipates completely within 3 or 4 days.

Is there downtime?

You should be able return to most normal activities immediately following your Juvederm treatment. However, you must avoid strenuous or high-impact activity, alcohol, sun exposure or heat — saunas or hot showers — for 24 hours. Any of these can increase bruising, discoloration or bleeding.

Ask your specialist, too, about any supplements you take because some, such as ginseng and ginkgo, have been linked to increased bruising. Most swelling or redness fades within 3 to 4 days, with patients able to easily camouflage it with light makeup.

How much does Juvederm cost?

Most practitioners charge by the syringe, but Juvederm price varies, depending on the formulation and provider. If a provider whom you are considering is significantly less expensive than many reputable providers in your area, proceed with caution! Many injectors will undercut competitor prices to make up for a lack of proven results or inexperience. Some are even using counterfeit injectables, which can cause serious allergic reactions and life-long health problems. If you found a Juvederm Groupon offer, walk away.

These providers are walking a very fine line of ethics that most in the medical community consider distasteful at best and malpractice at worse. When it comes to cost, don’t allow a lower price be your deciding factor. Instead, look at value over cost and talk with our staff about financing options available to help pay for your Juvederm treatments.

Where can I find Juvederm before and after photos?

Thanks to technology, you can not only view other people’s before and after photos but also compare your current and potential virtually enhanced face. On the Juvederm online website, you can tour the photo gallery or download the free Treatment Visualizer app. The app allows you to upload your own photo and has visualization options for corrections tailored to your specific issues and concerns, not someone else’s. It also has menu options for an additional photo gallery, questions and answers, treatment tips, referrals and facts.

You can also see Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center's Juvederm patient before and after photos on our website.

Can Juvederm side effects cause complications?

Most Juvederm side effects are minor. The most frequent complaint is swelling at the injection site and some light redness, bruising or itching that dissipates within 3 or 4 days to a week at most. Side effects like inflammation are more likely if treatments are combined with other procedures. Rarely but on occasion, infection may be an issue but can be easily treated if caught within a day or two.

With all fillers, lumps or bumps can be a concern. Juvederm’s gel is extremely smooth. It is a homogenous solution, meaning that all the microspheres are the same size. If unevenness is apparent, it’s usually due to swelling at the site of the injections and disappears.

Another concern with many fillers is migration, the filler actually drifting or moving into areas other than the one intended. Juvederm migration should not be an issue. Your specialist will stress to you the importance of following post-procedure instructions and not manipulating treated areas in order to avoid this problem.

Where can I find some more information about Juvederm products?

Dermal fillers are only increasing in popularity, with millions of procedures performed yearly. Juvederm's popularity is due to its affordability, ease of use and quick results. Allergan, Juvederm's creator, maintains full information, as does the Juvederm online website.

To see what Juvederm's Ultra, Ultra Plus and XC formulations can do specifically for you, contact our office and set up a consultation. We're waiting to see you smile.

Who might not be a candidate?

Juvederm's success record is long, and it is known as being one of the safest dermal fillers available. However, you should speak honestly with your specialist if you have:

  • Herpes zoster or herpes simplex outbreaks. You may need to take an antiviral medication prior to the procedure.
  • Severe allergies, multiple allergies or allergies with anaphylaxis. However, Juvederm allergies are extremely rare due to the biosynthetic manufacturing process.
  • Allergies to lidocaine or other medications.
  • Gram-positive bacterial protein allergies.
  • Immunosuppressive therapies that you are undergoing.

It may not be your best choice if your wrinkles are deep or profuse. It also is not recommended for women who are nursing or may be pregnant. An additional consideration is if you are planning on losing weight or in the process of doing do. Faces thin with weight loss, and skin can develop creases and wrinkles as fat cells empty, allowing skin to sag.

If you’re considering dermal fillers, you may want to wait until you’ve reached your goal weight; reward yourself for all your hard work. To learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation.

The Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center in Beverly Hills is a full service cosmetic facility specializing in nonsurgical treatment. For patients looking to touch up their appearance or managing signs of aging at any stage, we offer comprehensive analysis followed by state-of-the art, noninvasive treatment. Find out why our patients have called our injections some of the best Juvederm in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

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