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At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve in developments in anti-aging technology. We are pleased to offer one of the latest generation in dermal fillers, Restylane Refyne. This advanced dermal filler is capable of producing a dramatic facial rejuvenation effect by filling in deep laugh lines, while maintaining facial flexibility.

Laugh lines, called “nasolabial folds” (from nose to corners of mouth) and “marionette lines” (creases running from corner of mouth along the chin, or around the top of the mouth) will add years to your facial appearance. Restylane Refyne is exceptional as it allows you to maintain your natural expressiveness – what makes you look like yourself – without a frozen or “overfilled” look. As with any dermal filler, how it is applied is of great importance – always work with a skilled professional when getting facial injections.

Nature’s Secret Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in your skin, but as we age, the quantity slowly diminishes and our facial skin begins to wrinkle and crease. Hyaluronic acid has unique (and important) qualities: It provides lubrication, as it delivers lasting moisture to the skin. The hyaluronic acid molecule works as a humectant – it holds moisture in your skin, giving it that plump, healthy look of youth.

Restylane Refyne: Innovative Cosmetic Technology

Restylane Refyne is created with XpresHAn technology – a process developed by the manufacturer that uses a cross-linking technology with hyaluronic acid. This new product is FDA-approved to smooth the appearance of laugh lines. Galderma, the manufacturer, has the mission to help people achieve very natural-looking facial rejuvenation. Developed in Europe, the smooth injectable gel has a greater range of flexibility and produces a truly subtle support.

Should I Try Restylane Refyne?

While a personal consultation to evaluate the quality of your skin should occur before making any decision, a typical candidate for the use of Restylane Refyne are clients who want to improve the appearance of:

  • Lines running from nose to corners of mouth (laugh lines)
  • Lines around mouth
  • Lines running from nose to chin

Flexible and Natural-Looking Facial Enhancement with Restylane Refyne

For those who want to maintain a more natural look, this dermal filler can deliver a smoother, fresher look without altering your natural facial expressions. The results are fast and natural-looking and last up to a year for many patients.

Restylane RefyneFAQ

Is this anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment painful?

Restylane Refyne contains a local anesthetic, lidocaine, which help to reduce any discomfort. For more sensitive patients, we may use a topical numbing cream prior to treatment. Typically, the treatment is easy to tolerate, and does not require a long session to achieve a remarkable improvement.

How long does it take to get a Restylane Refyne treatment?

The usual treatment time ranges between thirty and forty-five minutes to complete. As every person is different, it will depend upon the number of areas that need smoothing.

Are there any side effects with Restylane Refyne?

The side effects are usually very minor and disappear quickly. These could include an itchy sensation, swelling, tenderness, or minor bruising where the product was injected.

How long does Restylane Refyne last?

The smoothing effect of the product can last up to 12 months, but this may vary. For some, the results could be shorter or longer. Every patient can expect a customized treatment and re-treatment plan at Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center.

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