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Beauty begins from within

At Lasky Aesthetics we pride ourselves on being not just another med spa only interested in temporarily improving outward appearance. Our highly-skilled and qualified medical staff is also fully equipped to formulate and administer IV Therapy treatment for a host of unwanted conditions, including influenza, migraine headache, dehydration, hangover, fatigue, stress, and sluggish metabolism.

Nutrients are 100% absorbed by the system

Unlike nutrients taken by mouth, IV infusions bypass the gastrointestinal tract allowing nutrients to enter the system with 100% effectiveness. At Lasky Aesthetics, each patient receives a freshly created combination of nutrients designed to treat their condition. These nutrients are not diluted or compromised by the digestive process and quickly provide relief and support to the body.

Freshly made custom crafted IV infusions can …

  • Boost energy levels
  • Rehydrate and restore youthful glow
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Detox stressed organs & body systems
  • Provide natural pain relief

Suffering from jet-lag or lack of sleep?

Often the inability to sleep is at the bottom of lack of energy, whether it is caused by stress, illness or frequent travel. An IV infusion of nutrients specifically designed to hydrate and detox, while supporting the systems that promote deep, restful sleep, will make you feel like a new person.

Flu, colds, aching muscles and headache

Why suffer through days of congestion, nausea, diarrhea, aches and pains? An IV infusion of the right vitamins, minerals, enzymes and electrolytes can get you back to work and your normal activities very quickly. At the first sign of a cold or flu an IV infusion can put a halt to days of illness.

Suffering from migraine or cluster headaches?

Migraine and cluster headaches respond very well to IV infusion therapy. Using natural nutrients such as magnesium and B vitamins has proven very effective in stopping migraine headache pain. Feeling a migraine starting? Come in for a pain relieving IV infusion that will directly tackle your pain.


There are many nutrients that can counter the effects of aging, which is thought to be caused by the oxidizing effects of the foods we eat and the air we breathe. If you are investing resources in topical rejuvenation treatments, you can enhance and amplify these benefits through IV infusions. These treatments rehydrate and support your internal systems, countering the effects of aging. Infusions containing electrolytes, Vitamins B6 and B12, Biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are among those found to be beneficial for countering inflammation that is thought to be fundamental to aging.

Immune Boost

During cold and flu season, almost everyone is constantly exposed to people suffering with colds and flu. Additionally, those who frequently travel are endlessly exposed to viruses from the four corners of the earth. One way of preventing illness is to strengthen and boost the immune system so it can fight off colds and flu. Our IV infusions contain balanced nutrients which boost the immune system, such as vitamin C, B vitamins, and proven antioxidants such as Glutathione, that help combat allergies, colds & flus.

Metabolism Boost

Speeding up fat burning is one way of staying within healthy weight limits. As we age, metabolism slows down due to many factors which can be countered by IV therapy, which helps with GI problems and cleanses the internal systems so that they work properly. Dieting and trips to the gym can be productive again. Proven metabolism boosters that may be recommended are Biotin, Vitamin B-6, Pantothenic Acid, and various amino acids.

The Party Cure

Most people suffering from the after effects of too much celebrating are suffering from low energy from the result of dehydration and loss of certain vitamins and minerals. Our specialized infusions contain electrolytes, B12, potassium and magnesium to restore balance, thus relieving headache, nausea and fatigue.


The foundation of good health, both inside and out, can be enhanced by regularly detoxifying the body. Our IV infusions contain many different nutrients that support body systems, flush out toxins and restore internal balance. Supporting the body by regularly scheduled detox sessions provides a solid foundation for other nutritional and fitness programs.

Pregnancy Preparation

One of the best ways of ensuring a care-free pregnancy and a healthy baby is to be in the best possible health before conceiving. An IV infusion of nutrients specifically targeting the needs of the growing fetus and the mother is an easy way of absorbing essential nutrients such as folic acid, zinc and Vitamin B-12.

Combat aging with intravenous vitamin therapy in beverly hills

With today’s world so focused on fad dieting and juice cleanses, we tend to forget about the basics. We need specific vitamins and minerals in order to operate at full capacity. To help infuse your body with all the necessary nutrients, the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center offers intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy. While this treatment is primarily concerned with the internal health of the body, it also helps your body maintain a refreshed energy, allowing you to look and feel your very best.

At the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we have an extensive collection of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, helping patients with a variety of illnesses and diseases. Additionally, perfectly healthy individuals can take advantage of our IV vitamin therapy to help stay in prime shape.

Our certified practitioners have been delivering IV vitamin therapy for many years, giving them the knowledge necessary to choose which vitamins and doses are correct for you.

If you’re looking for a boost in health and wellness, our IV vitamin therapy treatments at the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center could be perfect for you. IV vitamin therapy can help patients with:

  • Cold and flu
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Surgical recovery
  • Asthma

Ru Paul receives IV vitamin therapy at Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center.

Your IV vitamin therapy may consist of one or more vitamins

For many of our patients, our practitioners compile an infusion of multiple vitamins, helping deliver wellness and health as quickly as possible. Available vitamins and nutrients include:


While the majority of calcium is located in the bones and the teeth, it is also required for blood coagulation, nerve function, production of energy, the beating of the heart, proper immune function and muscle contraction. Additional research suggests that calcium may help to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Calcium supplements should be avoided by prostate cancer patients


A critical co-factor in more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the human body, magnesium aids in the body’s absorption of calcium, and also plays a key role in the strength and formation of bones and teeth. This means that those at risk for osteoporosis can benefit from taking magnesium. Magnesium is vital for maintaining a healthy heart, and also aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Magnesium also works to keep muscles properly relaxed, and can be especially beneficial to fibromyalgia patients.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which is a type of nutrient that blocks some of the damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C also helps build and maintain tissues, strengthens the immune system, and can decrease total and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, to help protect against heart disease.

Vitamin B12

Frequently used in combination with other B vitamins to help maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells. It is also needed to make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. It exists in most animal foods, hence vegetarians and vegans should take a B12 supplement.

Folic Acid

Also referred to as vitamin B9, folic acid helps the body make healthy new cells. Everyone needs folic acid, but it is especially important for women who may get pregnant, as it can prevent major birth defects of her baby's brain or spine. Essential for DNA synthesis and detoxifies hormones.


Also known as B7, Biotin is reputed to be beneficial for healthy hair and skin, as well as treating muscle pain. It is made by the gastrointestinal tract, has antibacterial properties and is also involved in the metabolism of fats & protein. Biotin increases insulin sensitivity, strengthens nails and is used in energy metabolism.


Also known as Vitamin B6, the processing of carbohydrates (sugars and starches) in the body depends on availability of this crucial vitamin. Pyridoxine is particularly important in facilitating the breakdown of glycogen stored in muscle cells, and to a lesser extent, in the liver. Further, because of its key role in the formation of new cells, pyridoxine is especially important for healthy function of connective tissue that regenerates itself quickly.

Pantothenic Acid

Also known as vitamin B5, pantothenic acid helps the body extract energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It also helps to metabolize fats, and produce red blood cells and hormones from the adrenal gland. It has been shown that Vitamin B5 might be useful in treating rheumatoid arthritis, and to help lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is literally required in hundreds of enzymatic reactions in the human body. It is essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates (to produce energy), fats, and proteins. It also helps with the production of hydrochloric acid, needed for proper digestion. Additionally, vitamin B3 facilitates the body's ability to eliminate toxins and has positive effects on cholesterol levels.


Also known as vitamin B2, it plays an important role in releasing energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin needed to activate vitamin A, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), and vitamin B9 (folic acid). Finally, it is also important for red cell production, and helps to maintain the integrity of red blood cells, healthy eyes, and nervous system function.


Also known as Vitamin B1, thiamine helps the body cells convert carbohydrates into energy, aids the nervous system, and supports nerve health. It also helps the body adapt to stress and avoid adrenal burnout.


Zinc is involved in numerous aspects of cellular metabolism. It is required for the activity of approximately 100 enzymes and it plays a role in immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division. Zinc also supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence, and is required for proper sense of taste and smell. A daily intake of zinc is required to maintain a steady state because the body has no specialized zinc storage system.

Vitamin D

Two forms are important in humans: Vitamin D2, which is made by plants, and Vitamin D3, which is made by human skin when exposed to sunlight. The major role of Vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D helps to improve bone health and decrease fractures. It may also help with blood pressure, cancer and other diseases.


Taurine is an amino acid, and has many fundamental biological roles, such as conjugation of bile acids, antioxidation, osmoregulation, membrane stabilization and modulation of calcium signaling. It is essential for cardiovascular function, and development and function of skeletal muscle, the retina and the central nervous system.


L-Cysteine may be useful for inflammatory conditions, anti-aging, asthma, alcoholism, chemotherapy, cigarette smoking, diabetes, burns, chemical sensitivity, liver disease, emphysema, psoriasis and Wilson’s disease. L-Cysteine is a component of insulin, skin, hair and Glutathione. It detoxifies chemicals and has antioxidant properties.


Most of your potassium is found inside the cells in your body, while only about two percent is found in your blood. Your body likes to keep the amount of potassium in your blood at a certain level, but it may fluctuate due to kidney disease, diabetes, vomiting, as a side effect to certain medications, fluctuating hormone levels, or the amount of potassium in your diet.


An antioxidant used by the body to assist in many chemical processes. It is also an important element that helps the body deal with heavy metal toxicity, especially mercury. Selenium and Vitamin E are synergists (they work together) and provide the body with powerful antioxidant protection from free radical damage. Free radical damage has been linked to the development of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and rapid aging. Selenium also plays a role in the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland and immune system.


Considered the “mother of all antioxidants,” glutathione is an important chemical that acts as a powerful antioxidant to preserve and protect the brain and other body tissues, by protecting them from the damage of free radicals. It also acts to recycle vitamins C & E, which also reduce free radicals. It has been used to treat all symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, ALS, irritable bowel, and chronic fatigue. Glutathione has tremendous detoxifying ability throughout the entire body. Glutathione helps to reduce melanin stimulation, which may lead to a lightening of the skin. Glutathione helps decrease inflammation, muscle fatigue, and is involved in liver detoxification and immune function. People with Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, neurological illness, and with heavy metal poisoning may benefit from IV glutathione injections, as well as people with stress and fatigue.

IV Therapy in a private and peaceful environment in the heart of Beverly Hills

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