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We are proud to offer the very best in non-invasive laser and radio frequency body contouring and skin tightening technologies. Our highly-trained practitioners have extensive experience performing these state-of-the-art procedures with excellent results.

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This groundbreaking procedure actually freezes those stubborn fat cells to the point of elimination. It does this while leaving healthy tissue intact, meaning you experience no downtime, no recovery period, and no discomfort at our Beverly Hills center.


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As a leading procedure for body contouring and skin tightening, Thermage offers patients a real change in their appearance. Thermage is a nondamaging treatment, giving you great results with no wear and tear on the skin.


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EMSCULPT, the first procedure of its kind, does something that has never been done before: it simultaneously dissolves fat and bulks up muscle. The EMSCULPT device uses a focused electromagnetic field to cause “supramaximal” muscle contractions.


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The Ultherapy treatment at Lasky Aesthetics provides patients with a non-invasive approach to facial age reversal without the use of needles or scalpels, and can also be used for the neck and decolletage to provide complete rejuvenation.


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VoluDerm is the perfect regenerative treatment for patients looking to minimize the signs of aging. It utilizes radio frequency skin resurfacing, penetrating deep into the skin’s dermal layer to tighten and strengthen your skin.

ThermiVA ™

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Many women suffer from vaginal laxity, dryness and genital irritation following childbirth or due to menopause. ThermiVA is a non surgical feminine rejuvenation therapy restoring tone and sexual confidence to thousands of women…

Exilis Ultra

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Scientifically proven and FDA approved, Exilis Ultra is a breakthrough, cutting-edge, non-surgical cosmetic to combat wrinkles, cellulite, excess fat tissue, laxity, and other beauty concerns on the body.


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Need to do something effective about resolving those unsightly lumps and bumps of cellulite deposits that leave you feeling embarrassed about the look of your arms, thighs, or bottom?


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Allumera is a relatively new and advanced non-surgical treatment for sun damage, enlarged pores, fine lines, and uneven texture. This unique treatment can give you an overall glow after as little as one treatment.

Sculptura Buttlift

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Various procedures can be employed to enhance the buttocks for a more rounded and lifted look. A Sculptra butt lift is an option that produces beautiful, natural-looking results and is non-invasive – and takes only moments to perform and very little down-time.


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At Lasky Aesthetics, we are proud to offer EmTone. This new groundbreaking treatment is designed to help patients treat cellulite and dimpled, uneven skin. Find out more.

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