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At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we are excited to offer a groundbreaking new treatment -- Ballancer®Pro. A new development in non-invasive weight loss and body sculpting, the procedure produces fast, reliable results in fat reduction – in a comfortable, non-surgical treatment.

Balancer Pro Los Angeles

What can Ballancer®Pro Do for Me?

This FDA-approves system works to support the lymphatic system to drain excess fluid. It is pleasant, gentle, relaxing massage that supports body health by supporting the lymphatic drainage system. The lymphatic system has a significant impact on body health – and shape. The system is a groundbreaking approach to a healthier, trimmer body. It involves two specially manufactured garments that produce a wave-like massage to help the body release toxins and fluids.

Ballancer®Pro can assist in speeding recovery by reducing swelling and fluid retention common after liposuction for a faster, more comfortable recovery.

Ballancer Pro Los Angeles

Lose Excess Weight Fast with Ballancer®Pro

The Ballancer®Pro takes a unique approach to weight loss and body sculpting; it triggers the body’s natural processes to shed weight and excess fluid in a simple, enjoyable treatment. The treatment helps make the body function as it should, increasing circulation and leaving skin looking firm, toned, and fresh. When the lymphatic system is functioning as it should, your skin and tissue responds. Transform your body with Ballancer®Pro treatments at Lasky Aesthetics.

Visibly Reshape Your Body with Ballancer®Pro Treatments in Beverly Hills

Your skin needs to be nourished to stay fresh, firm, and soft. The nourishment is delivered through the blood. Ballancer®Pro restores circulation to the skin, creating a regenerative effect with a visible improvement after just one treatment. For weight loss, treatments should occur about three times per week until your weight loss goal is achieved.

Why Treat the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system has a great impact on all body areas; it is responsible for the removal of the waste products that collect beneath the skin. These waste products leave the skin looking and feeling less firm, fresh and vital, and the buildup of fluids adds unsightly volume. The Ballancer®Pro functions as an external stimulator of that system so it can begin to rid the skin of waste buildup and become healthier, firmer, and younger looking. Ready to wear a smaller size and have a more sculpted look? Talk to us about treatments with the Ballancer®Pro.

A Wave-Like Massage System that Triggers Natural Weight Loss

The Ballancer®Pro opens any congestion in the lymph nodes to restore open pathways in the drainage channels of the body. Excess fluids are moved from where they linger in your tissue, creating a look that is less firm and tight with lumps and bumps of cellulite. Once the fluid is moved by the pulsing, wave-like massage, it is processed through your kidneys and shed naturally. In four sessions performed over a week to ten days, most patients report dropping a full size, losing excess inches at the waist and thighs for a more contoured figure.

Glowing, Healthy Skin and a More Attractive Body Shape

No diet, no exercise, no surgery, and no downtime. The Ballancer®Pro is the perfect way to a more beautiful body shape, and is not painful, uncomfortable, nor does it require any downtime – in fact, our patients report they feel energized and more alive after the treatment!

Come Alive with Ballancer®Pro Treatments in Los Angeles!

Removing toxins and excess fluids that have lingered in the skin tissue has the added benefit of improving health. Those who are engaged in vigorous sports, running, and other athletics often suffer from aching muscles – and the Ballancer®Pro works to restore the body and reduce the ache in just minutes.

Nourish Your Skin and Tissue for Weight Loss, and a Fresh, Youthful Glow

Through Ballancer®Pro treatments, the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood is increased, which nourishes the skin and tissues. Many of our patients choose to experience Ballancer®Pro as a support for another treatment that may cause swelling, such as lipo, Ultherapy, or CoolSculpting. While this treatment does not cause the body to lose fat cells as is accomplished with CoolSculpting, it is shocking to see how much excess fluid affects your body shape. This stagnant fluid, once shed with the Ballancer®Pro, restores better health to skin and tissue for a fresh, glowing look, with the added benefit of creating a more pleasing body contour.

The Ballancer®Pro System: A Groundbreaking Innovation

The treatment system of the Ballancer®Pro is a specialized inflating garment that applied either gentle or firm massage. It has up to 24 individual overlapping chambers that inflate in sequence to provide seamless, smooth compression strokes. The directed flow of motion increases blood flow to the massaged zones, while removing lingering waste products age your skin and tissue.

Ballancer®Pro: Painless Treatment with Impressive Results

The treatment is pleasant to experience, and once complete, you can continue your day as normal. Our patients report they feel energized after the treatment is complete – which makes sense, as the toxins in the retained fluid can lead to fatigue and a general lack of energy in everyday life.

After Decades of Research – the Ballancer®Pro Arrives in the USA

This treatment was developed over several years, and an earlier version has been used in the medical field for many years. The Ballancer®Pro 505 was developed for the field of aesthetics, and offers three difference types of massage to achieve the sculpting effects that has made it such a popular and sought-after treatment:

  • Wave cycle: This massage cycle is slow and deep, and is effective in treating sore muscles, a sensation of heavy legs, or pain.
  • Ballancer® cycle: For treatment of cellulite and stress reduction, this cycle produces short, fast, massage pressures.
  • Pretherapy® cycle: This massage cycle is focused on the lymph nodes and serves to release any barriers to the natural flow of the system for shedding excess fluid and toxins.

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