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In popular culture, the behind has experienced a revitalization as a key element of feminine beauty in recent years. Every generation has its beauty ideals, and these days a round, smooth, shapely bottom is one of the most prominent features of a woman’s curvy figure.

Do you need our Bootylicious Package?

You’ve probably heard of collagen – it’s the substance that gives skin its structure and tautness. When we’re young, collagen is plentiful, resulting in defined curves and shapeliness with smooth, firm skin. As we age, however, collagen levels decrease, and the skin begins to lose some of its structure. Previously smooth skin begins to sag and wrinkle, and what used to be beautiful curves become droopy and lumpy, instead of taut and smooth.

Perhaps nowhere else is this effect more evident than in the buttocks, where any imperfections are only accentuated by well-fitted jeans or other form-fitting pants and skirts. Because the bottom serves as a cushion for us to sit on, it is a center for fat tissue, and therefore begins to sag and droop dramatically as that all-important collagen is no longer able to provide the fat and skin with sufficient structure to fight the pull of gravity. Our Los Angeles non-surgical butt rejuvenation treatment package is designed to address three different aspects of the buttocks, getting you back to your best “bootylicious” self before you know it.

What CoolSculpting Can Do for You

CoolSculpting is the current gold standard in nonsurgical fat removal: a safe, noninvasive, comfortable procedure that exclusively targets unwanted fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissues completely undamaged. Other fat removal techniques have unwanted and painful side effects – liposuction necessitates an incision and a cannula process that is effective but also traumatic to healthy tissues. The use of lasers or ultrasound technology also affects cells other than the fat itself, causing bruising and painful swelling during the recovery period.

>CoolSculpting was innovated when practitioners decided there had to be a better way to remove fat that was more comfortable for the patient and reduced or eliminated the recovery period. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than other tissues, so CoolSculpting uses lowered temperatures to freeze away fat without having an adverse effect on surrounding cells. Once frozen, the fat will slowly dissolve and be reabsorbed by the body. This fat removal technique is ideal for getting rid of that unwanted banana roll that so often forms along the buttocks.

Fight Cellulite with Cellutone

The bottom is one of the most common sites where we see large amounts of cellulite – unsightly lumps and bumps cause countless women to be too embarrassed to go out in swimwear or wear the tight-fitting clothes they want to.

Cellutone is a noninvasive procedure that stimulates the body to eliminate cellulite through its own natural processes. The technique utilizes therapeutic vibrations massaged into the tissues to increase blood flow to the affected areas and improve lymphatic drainage. This is a highly effective method of eliminating unwanted fat cells and restoring a smooth, tight, youthful appearance to the skin. Cellutone is a noninvasive procedure used to combat cellulite, and it can play an integral role in getting back to a butt you’ll love.

Fraxel or Vbeam Stretch Mark Therapy

Many women are embarrassed by glaring stretch marks on the bottom and thighs. Sometimes, this can be associated with fluctuations in weight, as the skin must stretch and readjust to accommodate such body changes, but other times it can simply be part of growing up and getting older. During puberty, a woman’s shape naturally becomes curvier, and stretch marks on the buttocks can result. Fraxel or Vbeam therapies may be the answer you’re looking for to reduce or eliminate the appearance of unsightly stretch marks.

The Fraxel Dual Laser is a highly innovative, precise and delicate tool for laser skin treatments. It stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, and revitalizes the surface of the skin by eliminating unhealthy cells, allowing new, refreshed, youthful skin to grow and come to the surface for a smooth, younger appearance.

The Vbeam laser is highly effective in treating those bright red stretch marks that stand out so vividly against the skin. The Vbeam uses micro pulse technology to effectively heat the inside of blood vessels, causing them to constrict and reducing the appearance of redness. Meanwhile, the Vbeam’s cooling system provides a steady flow of cool air to the surface of the skin, ensuring your comfort throughout the treatment process.

Your Los Angeles Non-Surgical Butt Rejuvenation

At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we take pride in providing state-of-the-art nonsurgical cosmetic interventions in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Unlike so many other beauty spas and boutiques, we take the medical side of what we do seriously, which is why every procedure is performed by an extensively trained practitioner under the guidance of one of our renowned founding physicians.

The Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center is a full service cosmetic facility specializing in nonsurgical treatment. To find out more about the Vbeam in Beverly Hills can help you out or to schedule a consultation, please give us a call today.

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