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Massages designed specifically to enhance the flow within lymph vessels have been shown to have numerous positive health benefits. These treatments can be very effective before and after surgery, to help in healing wounds or chronic conditions, or as part of a beauty regimen. At Lasky Aesthetics in Beverly Hills we provide lymphatic drainage massages on the head and face to help with these conditions.

How does the lymph system work?

Lymph vessels play a big role in transporting waste, water, proteins, and other debris within the body. They remove these materials from connective tissues and carry them to the bloodstream, performing filtering and other functions along the way. At the sites where these vessels pass through lymph nodes, additional functions related to immunity are taken. The lymph vessel system is essentially a waste management system inside your body, managing the debris produced in daily living, as well as injury or illness, filtering out potentially harmful contaminants.

When an injury is sustained or surgery is performed on connective tissue, the lymph system is forced to work overtime to efficiently remove all the inflammatory products and toxins and pull these substances away from the affected site. The entire system is thrown into overdrive, and vessels can become congested, slowing lymph vessel functioning when it is needed most, and in turn curtailing recovery.

Los Angeles Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: How It Helps

Also referred to as “manual lymph drainage,” a lymphatic drainage massage helps the overburdened lymph system by gently and repetitively pulling the skin in the direction of lymph flow. This accelerates the process of filtering and carrying away the various body waste products, stimulates increased immune system activity, and is deeply relaxing. By increasing blood flow to healthy tissues, the massage speeds healing and promotes regeneration. The body can heal itself, and lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that can help it work as it should.

Who can benefit?

Almost anyone can benefit from the therapeutic properties of our Los Angeles lymphatic drainage massage, but there are a few reasons why many health-conscious people seek this treatment:

  • Pre-Surgery. When performed at least two weeks prior to an operation, this massage can help prepare the body for surgery by flushing out toxins, stimulating the immune system, and ensuring that the lymphatic system is functioning as it should prior to surgery.
  • Post-Surgery. After an invasive procedure is performed, the body (and the lymph system in particular) can be overwhelmed. Trauma has occurred, and all the systems are fighting to send the surgical site what it needs to heal, while at the same time carrying away dead cells and other waste that must be filtered out. In times of stress, the lymph vessels can become overwhelmed and slow their functioning, extending the healing process. This treatment can help get the body back on track for a faster, healthier recovery.
  • After an Injury. The lymphatic system is critical to the healing process. Sprains, strains, whiplash, burns, open wounds, bruising, and swelling can be reduced -- and healing time shortened.
  • For Chronic Conditions. Lymphatic drainage massage has helped people find relief from a variety of chronic conditions, including fibromyalgia, digestive issues, migraines, allergies, arthritis, sinusitis, tinnitus, and countless others. It is also frequently used to reduce the pain associated with various health conditions.
  • For Cosmetic Reasons and General Well-Being. Even if you aren’t planning surgery or have not suffered a serious illness or injury, you can reap the benefits of heightened lymphatic activity. Lymphatic drainage massage has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to rejuvenate the skin by promoting new collagen growth. It can also help in the treatment of puffy eyes, and alleviate stress and fatigue.

While it is safe for the vast majority of patients, this type of massage should not be performed on anyone with malignant, untreated cancer, acute inflammation with infection, congestive heart failure, or thrombosis.

Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments in Beverly Hills

At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we pride ourselves on staying at the leading edge of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments so people look and feel at their best, without the negative effects associated with surgery. We are pleased to offer one of the best lymphatic drainage massage Los Angeles has to offer, both as a stand-alone option and in conjunction with other treatments, to maximize cosmetic benefits and promote healing. As we focus on providing minimally-invasive, nonsurgical cosmetic interventions, our range of treatments is typically pain-free, fast, and effective.

The Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center is a full service cosmetic facility specializing in nonsurgical treatment. To find out more about the Vbeam in Beverly Hills can help you out or to schedule a consultation, please give us a call today.

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