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Your father and grandfather may have passed down their wisdom, charm and intelligence, but if they also bequeathed to you a double chin, you might not be so thrilled with your inheritance. A double chin can undermine the strength and masculinity of the profile, instead aging and weighing down the appearance.

Some clients may find it difficult to wear fitted collars or look good in suits and ties. Photographs can cause disappointment, and self-confidence may plummet to an all-time low. Worst of all, this type of fat does not respond to diet and exercise, no matter how strenuous the regimen.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Kybella, an exciting new injectable from Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, works to reduce and eradicate the stubborn submental fat responsible for unsightly double chins in men. Where the invasive incisions and suctioning of liposuction used to be the only option for resculpting this area, Kybella offers virtually pain-free treatment with minimal downtime and no need for anesthesia. The result is a beautifully contoured neck that is firm and supple with outstanding definition.

Benefits of Kybella include…

  • FDA-approved, safe and effective
  • Greatest breakthrough in cosmetic science since Botox
  • Startling results within just a few weeks
  • Can be performed during your lunchbreak
  • Non-surgical, non-invasive, with almost no downtime
  • Increased self-esteem and quality of life

Additional Services

  • Acne scar treatment
  • Crafted iv infusions
  • Body contouring

How exactly does Kybella work?

Kybella is made from deoxycholic acid, a compound found naturally in the human body that breaks down fat for absorption and elimination. Upon injection, deoxycholic acid triggers the demise of unwanted fat cells, which are then released and excreted as part of the body’s regular process of elimination.

What to expect during the Kybella procedure

Kybella treatment is a multi-stage process that takes place over the course of a few months. The precise number of injections required to achieve optimum results will be explored by your doctor and you during consultation. In general, Lasky Kybella clients find that 2-6 sessions is sufficient to see fantastic changes in the profile. Each treatment lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, with 14-50 injections per appointment.

Setting up your consultation

Find out if you’re a good candidate for Kybella by setting up a confidential consultation today. As you enter our state-of-the-art office suites, you will immediately feel at home, greeted by the comfortable décor and courteous staff members. Your assigned Kybella specialist, a board certified physician, will conduct a thorough medical assessment, preparing a personalized treatment plan that will best serve your needs. This is a great time to review before and after photos with your doctor, and to enjoy the expectations gleaned from 3D imaging. If you have any questions or concerns, your doctor will be delighted to address them at this time.

Kybella recovery and results

As is common with injectables, patients may experience mild tingling, numbness, redness or swelling at the treatment site. These side effects will evaporate within the first week and should not be cause for alarm. Discomfort can be minimized with ice packs and ibuprofen. Although Kybella is considered a “no downtime” procedure, you may wish to avoid vigorous exercise for 5-7 days, as this may delay the reduction of swelling.

Results are generally visible within 10-14 days of the first session, but each additional treatment will yield exponentially increasing benefits. Once the ideal number of injections has been administered, the double chin is permanently vanished without need for further follow up. Remember that if you have questions or concerns after your procedure, you can contact Lasky 24/7 for assistance.

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