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Advanced Sculptra Results: Unique Sculptra Aesthetic Treatments In Beverly Hills

If you’re looking for advanced facial rejuvenation beyond the basics of Botox and facials, consider advanced Sculptra treatments in Beverly Hills that combine Sculptra with some of the most innovative aesthetic treatments available today, such as lasers, non-surgical skin tightening and photorejuvenation.

Beverly Hills Sculptra

Sculptra Aesthetic is the proprietary name for poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA, a dermal filler used to smooth out or volumize the midface, cheeks and temples. Over time, lines and wrinkles will begin to smooth out and youthful volume will begin to reappear as the filler stimulates natural collagen production in the cells.

Sculptra is typically a one-time treatment regimen that involves four separate injections to achieve facial revolumization. The injections are spaced several weeks apart to provide long lasting anti-aging results. The best part is that there is virtually no downtime after injections, so you can resume your normal daily activities after your treatments and watch as your results get better over time while the filler stimulates your body’s natural collagen production.

Combining Fraxel and Sculptra for Advanced Facial Rejuvenation

Fraxel is a fractional laser treatment used for a variety of facial skin improvements. It is used to resurface skin that appears uneven or bumpy. It resurfaces from the inside out. Fraxel is also used to minimize acne or surgical scars, reduce wrinkles, minimize sunspots, remove discoloration from melasma and treat actinic keratosis. Fractional laser beams are pinpointed to target microscopic skin areas beneath the surface. This eliminates damaged or old skin cells and results in a more vibrant and youthful look. More than 800,000 people received effective Fraxel treatments during the decade following its release. It is used by men and women with all skin tones to treat discoloration, unevenness and wrinkles.

Fraxel is ideal for people who want to look young again but do not want to deal with the extended healing periods or invasive procedures that come with surgery. It also fits well in a treatment regimen with Sculptra injections. When the two treatments are combined, the Sculptra injectable gives the skin more volume while the laser treatment smooths the skin and reduces the appearance of lines. The laser works within the layers of the epidermis while the Sculptra injections work below the skin to provide a comprehensive and effective youth-restoring result.

The IPL and Sculptra Combination Improves Results

photofacial Beverly Hills

Intense pulsed light or IPL photofacial treatments are used to treat rosacea, sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and other facial discolorations. A photo facial is a gentle way to rejuvenate the skin and restore a youthful look. Intense pulses of light penetrate the skin to make the blood vessels and collagen below the skin constrict. This constriction reduces lines and redness in the skin. Since the treatment targets areas below the epidermis, it is better than a chemical peel in more advanced cases and may have longer-lasting results. The depth of the treatment also means that effects are gradual. Patients typically see results in the weeks that follow their photofacial treatments. With short-lived side effects such as mild swelling and discomfort, this procedure is a much more favorable option than surgery.

It is safe for most people to use IPL and Sculptra at the same time. The result is an effective way to rejuvenate the skin by targeting the epidermis and the layers below it. The Sculptra injections help produce volume to smooth out lines and wrinkles in the skin. Facial discolorations are removed by the photofacial treatment. Many people ask if the intense light pulses from the IPL treatment cancel out or lessen the effectiveness of the Sculptra injections. It is important to know that the light pulses from an IPL photofacial do not penetrate deep enough to affect the action of Sculptra injections; however, many will opt to get the photofacial treatment before the Sculptra injections as a precaution.

Coupling Clear and Brilliant and Sculptra to Enhance Your Treatments

Clear + Brilliant is designed to address natural aging skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. It is one of the most gentle laser treatments available for anti-aging purposes. As time passes, a person's skin becomes dull and develops wrinkles from the sun, wind and other environmental factors. Regular facial movements also contribute to wrinkles.

One session usually lasts about 30 mins. Effects are noticeable after just one treatment and leave the skin more radiant. After following the recommended treatment regimen, people who choose this option will enjoy long-term results. This procedure is also used to enhance permeability of the skin, which means that topical facial treatments work better and have longer-lasting effects. Researchers found that people who used this procedure and then used antioxidant serums saw better skin tone, brighter radiance and a better overall skin appearance. Side effects are very mild and usually include redness and discomfort. However, they subside quickly and leave lasting results.

People who want to add volume to their skin while restoring a healthy youthful glow can use Sculptra injections with Clear + Brilliant. The lasers work only in the epidermis and do not lessen the effectiveness of the Sculptra injections. While the injections target the layers just below the skin to plump it up and smooth out wrinkles, the Clear + Brilliant treatment focuses on evening out the tone of the skin and giving it a healthy glow.

Pairing TriPollar Skin Tightening and Sculptra Aesthetic Injections

los angeles tripollar beverly hills

TriPollar is a painless skin-firming device used to tighten skin on the face and reduce the appearance of fat on the body. The device uses optimal radio frequency energy throughout the skin's layers and in the subcutaneous layer. Collagen fibers under the skin are regenerated and fat cells are shrunk. With controlled energy delivered to these areas with at least three electrodes, unevenness in and under the epidermis is tightened. The result is a smoother and more youthful look. Since this treatment's results are immediate, many people who want smoother skin all over their bodies choose TriPollar. Most people undergo several treatments to achieve the desired result and to maintain it.

Many people combine Sculptra injections with TriPollar skin tightening treatments to achieve a maximized youthful appearance. The radio frequency energy from the TriPollar device does not reduce or cancel the effects of the Sculptra injections. Since the TriPollar skin tightening device restores collagen fibers, the treatment complements the dermal filler injections and the added volume they provide. People who have a large amount of fine and deep wrinkles with an uneven skin appearance can benefit from this treatment combination. If skin appears loose in areas on the body, it is helpful to also use TriPollar on those areas for a full-body youthful appearance.

Ultherapy and Sculptra Refines Facial Anti-Aging

Ultherapy is not a laser therapy. It is based on using ultrasound technology manufactured by Ulthera to promote tighter, more youthful looking skin. While lasers work by targeting skin from the outside and going inward, Ulthera bypasses the epidermis and targets the tissues underneath it where collagen forms. Ultherapy stimulates the collagen and supporting layers under the skin. This triggers a regenerative response that promotes the growth of new collagen naturally. As time goes on, this treatment contributes to tightening of the skin and provides a lifted look. Results typically take several months to reach full effect. While results usually last for up to a year, patients will need to have additional treatments to maintain a youthful look and to regenerate their collagen. The treatment sessions usually take between 60 and 90 minutes.

When Ultherapy and Sculptra are combined, the result is a maximized facelift minus the risks associated with a traditional facelift procedure. Since the dermal filler injections add volume to the tissue under the skin and Ultherapy helps regenerate collagen, skin reaches its fullest look and regains elasticity. This treatment combination is ideal for people who have sagging skin below their eyebrows, on their eyelids, on their cheeks, under the chin in their midface jowl area or on the chest area. It is also a great solution for people who do not want to risk the surgery involved with a facelift but want similar aesthetic results. Since there is no downtime and a small chance of mild side effects, this treatment combination is a good solution for anyone who wants fuller and more elastic skin.

Why are Dual Treatments so Beneficial?

Using Sculptra Aesthetic is highly beneficial even by itself. This is because it targets the subcutaneous layers under the skin. As people age, they naturally lose the subcutaneous fat and collagen that provides padding under the skin. When padding starts disappearing, skin starts sagging and looking duller. If a person's skin has been exposed to environmental toxins, sun, chemicals and other damaging agents, it may have one or more types of discoloration in addition to an aged or sagging look. Aside from Ulthera devices, each of the previously-mentioned skin treatments targets a different type of problem in the skin. However, TriPollar has positive effects on both layers. Ulthera devices and Sculptra injections enhance the padding under the skin to complement superficial skin therapies.

Dual therapies give a more comprehensive form of restoration to skin by targeting the padding underneath it and the skin itself. Finding these unique dual therapies may not be easy. Not all licensed injectors provide more than one treatment at a time. Experienced injectors are able to safely administer dual treatments. Another benefit of dual therapies is that they provide the same visual results that surgery provides but without the risks, scars and extended recovery times. With all of these treatments and treatment combinations, the recovery times are fast. Most people return to their normal activities within a few days or less. These treatments are also easier on the patient than multiple surgeries over the years.

Where to Find Quality Dual Treatments

It is important to have these treatments performed by an experienced aesthetic practitioner such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. . When seeking Sculptra as a single therapy or as a unique dual therapy with any of these treatment combinations in Beverly Hills, only trust certified injection specialists who have experience and a record of proven results. After having any of these unique Sculptra Aesthetic treatment combinations performed in Beverly Hills, it is easy to see why injection specialists recommend them.

Our Beverly Hills aesthetics practice specializes in these gentle treatments and treatment combinations. We take the time to learn about each patient's needs, past medical history and current skin condition. To learn more about our patients' success stories or to discuss which options are best for your individual needs, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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