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Anti-Aging Celebrity Secrets: Top 10 Time Tested Treatments Celebs Love

Celebrities never seem to age, making us all wonder what their secret is. How do they always manage to pull off those perfect "no makeup" selfies? The answer lies in amazing skin care, so we thought we’d take some time to reveal some of the top anti-aging celebrity secrets out there.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Celebrity Secrets

anti-aging celebrity secrets ultherapy jennifer aniston
  1. Ultherapy: Ultrasound technology is able to lift and tighten your skin without surgery, which means less downtime for you.

    Celebrities Who Love Ultherapy: Former “Friends” Co-Stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have gone on record stating that they love Ultherapy

    Why You'll Love Ultherapy: It's a non-invasive way to erase fine lines and deep wrinkles. Lift, tone and tightening the face, neck, even the knees.

  2. ThermiVa: This vaginal rejuvenation treatment can stimulate collagen production, increase moisture production and tighten the labia and vagina using a thin, sterile electrode.

    Celebrities Who Love ThermiVa: Reality TV Star Khloe Kardashian said on her show “Kocktails with Khloe” that her sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian couldn’t stop talking about that “vagina laser.”

    Why You'll Love ThermiVa: It restores the tight, youthful look and feel of your vagina while helping with dryness and discomfort.

  3. coolsculpting Molly Sims anti-aging celebrity secrets

    CoolSculpting: This non-surgical treatment freezes stubborn fat cells to eliminate unwanted fat in troubled areas.

    Celebrities Who Love CoolSculpting: Model Molly Sims tried CoolSculpting and loved it so much that she became their brand ambassador, and Reality TV Star Khloe Kardashian said in an interview that she tried it and loved it.

    Why You'll Love CoolSculpting: It safely eliminates away fat that diet and exercise just can't target. It has proven to reduce fat by 25% or sometimes a pants size.

  4. Fraxel: One of the best anti-aging celebrity secrets, Fraxel is the gold standard in laser skin resurfacing proven to improve fine lines, wrinkles, reduce pores, hyperpigmentation and overall texture.

    Celebrities Who Love Fraxel: Actress Courteney Cox told Ellen Degeneres on her talk show that she got Fraxel on her hands and absolutely loved the results.

    Why You'll Love Fraxel: It works and provides results over a series of less intense treatments than CO2 resurfacing, allowing you to get back to your life more quickly after each treatment.

  5. Botox Lite: This is a smaller injection of Botox that relaxes facial muscles for a softer, more subtle change.

    Celebrities Who Love Botox Lite: Actress Kim Cattrall of “Sex and the City” has said numerous times that she loves Botox.

    Why You'll Love Botox Lite: It gives all the benefits of Botox but without the full Botox effect.

  6. Microcurrent Facial: One of the newest anti-aging celebrity secrets, these facials use low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate collagen and blood circulation.

    Celebrities Who Love Microcurrent Facial: Screenwriter, Director, and Actress Sofia Coppola told XO Jane that, of all the facials she’s tried, this one is one of her favorites.

    Why You'll Love Microcurrent Facial: It's a pain-free way to get glowing, tight skin in a hurry with no downtime.

  7. IPL photofacial before and after

    IPL PhotoFacial: Intense Pulsed Light facials use non-erosive light to correct superficial blemishes and redness.

    Celebrities Who Love IPL PhotoFacial: Actress Denise Richards was photographed getting her own IPL treatment.

    Why You'll Love IPL PhotoFacial: It addresses a variety of skin issues without harming healthy cells.

  8. Clear+Brilliant Laser: This mild laser treatment resurfaces the top-most layers of skin while boosting collagen production.

    Celebrities Who Love Clear+Brilliant Laser: Actress and Entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow told reporters that she has gotten and really liked her Clear+Brilliant treatment. In fact, Clear+Brilliant is so popular among celebrities that it’s being written into movie contracts!

    Why You'll Love Clear+Brilliant Laser: Its mildness means virtually no downtime,but still produces excellent results.

  9. HydraFacial: This facial is a non-invasive, water-powered alternative to microdermabrasion that is tailored to your unique skin type and goals.

    Celebrities Who Love HydraFacial: Singer Beyoncé reportedly gets HydraFacial treatments prior to walking down the red carpet.

    Why You'll Love HydraFacial: The non-invasive, five-step process gives long-lasting, beautiful results.

  10. Stem Cell Facial: One of the true celebrity anti-aging secrets, this facial uses stem cells from a rare French apple to provide a regenerative, renewing experience.

    Celebrities Who Love Stem Cell Facials: Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian and Actress/Entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow have both confessed to reporters that stem cell facials are a major part of what keeps their skin youthful and beautiful.

    Why You'll Love Stem Cell Facials: The use of stem cells gives the face, neck and décolletage a younger, renewed appearance using plant stem cells. It’s also an excellent follow-up treatment to lasers like Fraxel.

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