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BOTOX Gone Wrong: Preventing Botched BOTOX in Beverly Hills

BOTOX Gone Wrong

BOTOX use is on the rise, and not just in Beverly Hills. In 2000, just 786,000 BOTOX injections were administered in the United States, but by 2014, that number had increased to over 6.6 million. With this rise, however, comes some trepidation about BOTOX injections, often because of media coverage of botched BOTOX and other facial aesthetic treatments that have left celebrities looking strange or even scary. This leaves many people thinking that these treatments are to blame; however, it’s whose hands the treatments are in that is the real problem when patients look frozen or overdone.

Use these tips to avoid a BOTOX gone wrong scenario and reap the full benefits of the procedure without risking your looks or your health.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Botched BOTOX

  1. Go to a Reputable, Licensed Facility: The first way to avoid botched BOTOX is to only visit reputable locations. Make sure the provider is using name-brand BOTOX in the original vial and packaging. This ensures that the injection contains a safe product that has been tested thoroughly and transported safely.
  2. Lookup Licensing and Credentials: There are few things worse than dealing with BOTOX gone wrong. Thankfully, you can reduce those risks dramatically by seeking out medical spas with properly licensed providers. This might be a medical degree or a nursing certification, but it should be readily available for verification by any prospective patient. Also, don't hesitate to ask about experience. Stick with experts who have treated many patients over the years with successful results.
  3. Get Referrals From People You Trust: Don't underestimate the value of word of mouth. If you were to ask around, you might find out that many of your friends, family members and neighbors have already enjoyed successful BOTOX injections. Ask them directly where they went and how the experience was. If more than one name pops up time and time again in a positive light, then it might be a good option to consider. If you don't know whom to ask in your local area, don't be afraid to look for referrals or reviews online.
  4. Know the Law: Each state has its laws regarding who can administer BOTOX and how it can be administered. Here in California, it is illegal for aestheticians to inject BOTOX. Furthermore, it is illegal for a medical spa to be majority owned by anyone but a medical professional. Always check to make sure your preferred location is following state laws, which will help you avoid incorrect administration and the risk of botched BOTOX.
  5. Only Accept Injectables from Licensed Providers: BOTOX, like any injectable, should only be administered by someone with the right credentials and experience. Look for BOTOX injections provided by a board-certified dermatologist, facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, physician assistant or aesthetic nurse practitioner.

To enjoy all the benefits of BOTOX without the risk of botched injections, use these tips to find the right person and location for the procedure. For a consultation or just to learn more about BOTOX, contact the Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center in Beverly Hills for a consultation.

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