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BROtox: Guys Get Botox, Too!

Beauty isn’t just for ladies. Men want to look their best, too. That’s why BROtox (Botox for “Bros”) has become so popular in recent years. At Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center in Los Angeles, we’re fortunate to have so many male patients from all walks of life who come here to get Botox and other aesthetic treatments to look younger and more refreshed.

“Get Over It!” and Try BROtox

John Vance Hathway, celebrity hair stylist at Salon Republic in Beverly Hills, knows how important it is to look great and feel fabulously confident on and off the job. Plus, Botox isn’t just about looking younger; it’s about looking more awake and refreshed, and that leaves an impression on people. It can even help you advance your career.

The Secret to Good BROtox is Natural-Looking Results

Looking refreshed and youthful doesn’t mean you have to look “done.” Anyone in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles knows what it means to look “done.” Botched is more accurate description. What causes botched Botox? Poor placement and excessive injections are two of the most common reasons. It’s important to see an injector who has a conservative approach to facial rejuvenation.

brotox los angeles

It’s Important to See Experts in Male Facial Aging

Men and women age differently, and male features are very different from those of female counterparts. For these reasons, BROtox placement is not the same as Botox placement for a female patient. For example, if Botox is placed in the jawline of a male patient, it can soften and feminize the lower face. That should never be the goal for a man with a strong jaw who is happy with this look.

dysport before and after

Before and After Dysport, a popular Botox alternative

No Shame in Your BROtox Game

You don’t have to hide your BROtox treatments, but if your privacy is important to you, Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center has you covered. While the aesthetic procedure stigma is not prominent in Los Angeles, many patients (especially men) still prefer to keep their treatments a secret. We’re here for you and ensure your complete and total privacy in our Beverly Hills medical spa.

Looking for BROtox in Los Angeles? Come to Lasky Aesthetics!

Men looking for subtle, natural-looking Botox treatments should consider Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center in Beverly Hills for their BROtox. Our providers are talented and experience nurse practitioners and physician assistants who have proven results for men. Schedule a personalized consultation with one of our providers and find out if Botox is right for you.

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