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Clear & Brilliant Laser Treatments at Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, Beverly Hills

Clear and Brilliant is a gentle, non-surgical laser treatment ideal for men and women who want to refresh their skin and improve the early signs of aging. It has quickly become one of the most demanded facial aesthetics treatments in Beverly Hills. Clear and Brilliant can be done in 30 minutes and you can expect to have some redness for about 24-48 hours. Clear and Brilliant is the perfect procedure for a busy person who wants to improve the appearance of their skin but also needs to resume their normal daily activities.

Clear and Brilliant Before and After Photos

Dozens of patients have seen the results that Clear and Brilliant can provide: a reduction of brown spots, even pigmentation, reduction in pore size with a smoother skin tone and texture.

The Clear & Brilliant Solta manufacturer is the same company that produced the popular fractional laser resurfacing procedure Fraxel and the popular skin tightening treatment Thermage. The difference is that Clear & Brilliant is less aggressive than other laser skin care treatments while still delivering amazing results. The unique Clear & Brilliant Permea handpiece delivers low-powered energy waves to millions of pores on your skin, which triggers the replacement of damaged areas with healthier tissue.

Clear and Brilliant cost varies depending on the geographic location and the credentials of the person performing the treatment. All of the treatments at Lasky Aesthetics are performed by a Nurse Practitioner which is the highest training credentials. For optimal results typically, 3-5 treatments are recommended but with a proper skin care regime prior to the treatment, you should see a good result after just 1 treatment. The price per Clear and Brilliant treatment in Beverly Hills ranges between $350 and $450 also depending on what you get. Some improvement will be noticed immediately, but the biggest changes will be seen after a few days. To enhance the outcome, one of our skilled laser skin care providers will discuss the best skin care regimen to use following the procedure.

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