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News on Expanded FDA-Clearance

Say “Goodbye!” to fat beneath the chin and jawline, no surgery required! The #1 non-surgical fat reduction procedure, CoolSculpting is now also cleared for use beneath the jawline and chin, giving patients a contoured jawline and smooth, youthful profile. Continue reading to learn more about CoolSculpting for chin and jawline fat, available in our Los Angeles medical spa located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center.

coolsculpting for chin los angeles

About the New, Expanded FDA Clearance Affecting CoolSculpting for Chin and Jawline Fat

CoolSculpting has been around for nearly a decade and has quickly grown to become a global trend. It was first approved by the FDA in 2010, but the procedure itself didn’t really gain attention until it was rebranded as a noninvasive alternative to liposuction. With the declining number of people willing to go under the knife, the treatment has gained a lot of attention. There has never been a better time to explore alternative noninvasive procedures such as CoolSculpting in Beverly Hills.

In early 2017, the FDA cleared CoolSculpting to tackle excess fat beneath the chin. Most recently, the FDA cleared CoolSculpting for fat beneath the jawline (submandibular fat). In addition, the FDA clearance for treating submental and submandibular areas was expanded to include patients with a BMI of up to 46.2. All in all, this makes nine total FDA cleared treatment areas for CoolSculpting.

How Does CoolSculpting Work to Reduce Submental and Submandibular Fat?

coolsculpting for chin fat reduction in los angeles

CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a safe, clinically proven process with over 7 million treatments performed to date. The process works by using a patented cooling technology to target and reduce unwanted fat on the body. CoolSculpting is a very gentle process that only targets specific fat cells, leaving surrounding tissue untouched and unharmed.

CoolSculpting for chin and jawline fat reduction is a unique process. During a fat freezing treatment, a medical aesthetics provider trained in the process of CoolSculpting will use a special applicator that cools a roll of fat through the skin until it reaches a temperature just above freezing. You will likely feel a bit of tugging at first, but the area will eventually become numb and tolerable. Many people bring along their laptop or smartphone to keep them occupied during the procedure; others watch television or take a nap. This just goes to show how noninvasive and comfortable the process really is.

In the weeks after your treatments, you will start to notice a difference in the way you look. This is because the fat cells in the targeted areas have died off and were naturally flushed through your lymphatic system. After a few months and at least two treatments, you will see the final results of CoolSculpting for chin fat reduction, which can be up to 25 percent of fat loss in the targeted area.

CoolSculpting for Chin Fat (Submental Fullness)

Before CoolSculpting, people were limited to aesthetic plastic surgery procedures for neck and jawline contouring. If you wanted to get rid of your double chin, your only option would be to undergo liposuction surgery. Not everyone is a good candidate for surgery, however, and others can’t afford the downtime associated with a more invasive procedure.

Fast-forward to today and cosmetic procedures have come a long way. CoolSculpting was the 2nd nonsurgical double chin reduction procedure to receive FDA approval; it’s also the #1 nonsurgical fat reduction treatment in the United States, preferred by celebrities, professionals, and full-time parents alike. CoolSculpting is an international company as well, providing non-invasive body contouring in Europe, Canada, and Asia.

During a CoolSculpting for chin fat reduction treatment, a medical aesthetic specialist will use the CoolMini Applicator, which is smaller and specifically designed to target fat cells under the chin. Most patients require about two treatments using CoolSculpting for chin fat reduction. Other treatment areas sometimes require at least three applications, depending on your needs and goals.

coolsculpting for chin fat reduction in beverly hills

CoolSculpting Below the Jawline (Submandibular Area)

As if CoolSculpting for chin fat reduction wasn’t enough, the FDA also recently cleared this treatment for fat reduction below the jawline. This recent clearance makes CoolSculpting below the jawline the ninth treatment area approved by the FDA. This FDA clearance also sets CoolSculpting on a pedestal as the first and only nonsurgical fat reduction treatment to contour the area below the jawline and improve the appearance of lax tissue at the same time as submental fat treatments.Just more reasons to trust CoolSculpting for your non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring.

What Are the Other FDA-Cleared CoolSculpting Treatment Areas?

CoolSculpting for chin and jawline fat are just two of nine different FDA-cleared treatment areas. With a variety of applicators, our providers can reduce unwanted fat virtually anywhere on the body. If you have any stubborn diet- and exercise-resistant fat, CoolSculpting could very well be the solution you’re looking for. Check out these other FDA-cleared CoolSculpting treatment areas that we tackle right here in our Beverly Hills medical spa:

  1. Upper/Lower Abs: This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given how many people want to get rid of belly fat or achieve a flatter tummy. Depending on which area of your stomach that you want to treat, you may benefit from DualSculpting, which allows us to run two CoolSculpting treatments simultaneously.
  2. Upper Arms: Flabby arms are due to the development of fatty deposits and loose skin in the arm area. It doesn’t matter what age you are; you can be susceptible to unsightly fat in your arms. Using a specialized applicator, we can target upper arm fat. Before you know it, your arms will be toned and shapely, revealing the muscles you’ve worked so hard on.
  3. Banana Roll (beneath the buttocks): A banana roll is not some delicious dessert you would find at a bakery. When it comes to your body, it’s an annoying bulge or series of bulges that appear under the buttocks. CoolSculpting can be very good at smoothing this area, which has the added benefit of revealing more shapely buttocks.
  4. Inner/Outer Thighs: Even if a thigh gap is not your goal and you just want to get rid of those pesky saddlebags, both the inner and the outer thighs can be treated with CoolSculpting.
  5. Back Fat: Everyone has their trouble areas, but back fat happens to be one of the more stubborn spots to get rid of. Thankfully, CoolSculpting is FDA approved to reduce back fat.
  6. Bra Area: Having a fat bulge over your bra can be unsightly and make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you are wearing a swimsuit on the beach. CoolSculpting can help get rid of any bulges for a smoother, more shapely look.
  7. Flanks/Love Handles: Love handles, which are stubborn pockets of fat right above the hips, are a common treatment area requested by both men and women. CoolSculpting to the rescue!

Who Is a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

If you have small- to moderately-sized pockets of stubborn, unwanted fat, you may be a good candidate for CoolSculpting. Some patients, however, would see better results with a liposuction procedure. If this is the case, we can refer you to our board-certified plastic surgeon at the esteemed Lasky Clinic following a consultation. During your consultation, we will examine the treatment area and take a full medical history. This will help us determine if you can safely receive CoolSculpting and whether or not you’d get good results from a CoolSculpting treatment. Many factors are considered, including skin condition, the amount of fat in the treatment area, overall BMI, and even medications you currently take.

The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate to receive CoolSculpting for chin fat or other treatment areas is to call the Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center to discuss your eligibility with our staff and schedule a consultation.

What Other Treatment Options Provide Chin and Jawline Contouring?

If CoolSculpting for chin and jawline fat reduction isn’t right for you, some of our other treatment options can produce amazing results. Kybella was the first FDA-approved nonsurgical solution for fat beneath the chin. And if it’s not fat, but loose, sagging skin that’s got you down, we will likely recommend a skin tightening treatment such as Ultherapy or Thermage.

Why Choose Lasky Aesthetics for CoolSculpting in Beverly Hills?

Many patients trust Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center with their cosmetic and aesthetic care. Unlike other clinics that offer surgical options, Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center focuses solely on noninvasive cosmetic treatments. Our providers are nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are supervised by three plastic surgeons and a dermatologist. These aesthetic physicians, located in the nearby Lasky Clinic, co-own Lasky Aesthetics and are involved in choosing which technologies and treatments we offer in our medical spa. Each treatment is carefully chosen based on FDA-approval, clinical trials, patient results, and safety.

Schedule a Body Sculpting Consultation in Los Angeles at Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center

If you have something that you’d like to change about your appearance, our first step will be to find the best treatment plan for you. We’ll start the whole process by meeting with you at an initial consultation where we’ll sit down with you and thoroughly discuss your wants, needs, and goals. From there, our professionals can create a personalized rejuvenation program that is tailored to you and your specific needs. We understand that this is an investment so we will help you make the most of it.

Are you ready to get started with CoolSculpting for chin and jawline fat reduction? Contact the Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center in Beverly Hills today to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss CoolSculpting and our other non-surgical treatment options that may be better suited to your needs and goals.

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