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CoolSculpting Treatment Areas for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Whether you're already a fan of CoolSculpting, the non-surgical fat reduction treatment, or totally new to the procedure, you'll be pleased to hear that the treatment can now address even more areas of stubborn fat. Find out about the new treatment areas available for CoolSculpting in Beverly Hills at Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center.

FDA-Approved CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

Originally, the FDA-approved CoolSculpting treatment areas were limited to double chins, love handles, thighs and abs. However, the FDA has approved new CoolSculpting treatment areas, including the upper arms, back fat, bra bulge, and buttocks. This means that it's now even easier to get that fat-burning boost you need to look your best without surgical liposuction.

New CoolSculpting Treatments Areas in Beverly Hills

coolsculpting treatment areas include back fat
  1. CoolSculpting for Arms: Upper arm flab, or the dreaded "bat wing," is a problem that even young, thin patients can encounter. Now, CoolSculpting can help tone your upper arms for a sleek look.
  2. CoolSculpting for Back Fat: Back fat is unsightly and difficult to get rid of, even with diet and exercise. CoolSculpting can help smooth those rolls for a more contoured back you’ll feel proud to show off.
  3. CoolSculpting for Bra Fat: Bra bulge is something that no amount of dieting can cure completely. Now you can CoolSculpt the bra bulge away and see your clothes fit better in no time.
  4. CoolSculpting for Buttocks: Sometimes, even with a shapely rear, you can experience the "banana roll," which is that stubborn pocket of fat underneath the crease of your buttocks. While liposuction used to be one of the only treatment options to rid yourself of it, CoolSculpting has now been approved as a non-surgical alternative to eliminate the excess fat and reveal a more toned backside.

Other CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

coolsculpting treatment areas include double chin
  1. CoolSculpting for Double Chin: The double chin, or "submental fat," is one of the most difficult places to smooth out. This is because double chins are not always responsive to diet, exercise or healthy living. Because it can also be genetic, sometimes you just need extra help getting rid of it. Now, CoolSculpting offers a quick, simple way to eliminate the extra chin. With repeated treatments, the double chin disappears over time without requiring liposuction or injections.
  2. CoolSculpting for Love Handles: Love handles are one of the best CoolSculpting treatment areas as these pockets of extra fat tend to hang around long after you've dropped pounds and pant sizes. Freezing away the flab can get your sleek figure back in no time.
  3. CoolSculpting for Thighs: The thigh area is another place that tends to store fat, even after weight loss and exercising. If you've put in the work but still don't have the definition you're looking for, CoolSculpting can help tone your inner and outer thighs.
  4. CoolSculpting for Abs: Even if you're doing dozens of crunches a day, you may still have a layer of fat that just won't budge. If so, CoolSculpting can freeze those fat cells, and you can watch the flab melt away naturally.

Try CoolSculpting in Los Angeles and Cut Your Treatment Time in Half with DualSculpt

Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center is the premier Beverly Hills medspa. Not only do we offer CoolSculpting, but we also offer DualSculpting. This treatment utilizes two CoolSculpting devices to literally cut your treatment time in half. Furthermore, our team uses Cellutone for cellulite reduction to break up the frozen fat cells after treatment, helping you see your results even faster.

If you're tired of fighting against stubborn fat, contact us for a consultation today and we’ll go over all of the potential CoolSculpting treatment areas and determine if this treatment is right for your needs.

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