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DualSculpting Doubles the Power of Coolsculpt

DualSculpting Beverly Hills

What could be better than finally getting rid of annoying, stubborn fat bulges from your figure with revolutionary Coolsculpt technology? How about getting the beautiful benefits of this treatment twice as fast with the latest innovation – DualSculpting from Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center of Beverly Hills?

DualSculpting places the power of two Coolsculpting devices on you at once to put the chill on unwanted fat from your abdomen, love handles, bra and back area, and inner and outer thighs. This means your body is sculpted twice as quickly, putting you on the fast track toward a more beautiful figure without surgery. Imagine love handles cooled to the core in one hour instead of two… that’s what happens with DualSculpting.

Being Dual Starts With Cool

What about the power behind the DualSculpting technique? The nonsurgical advancement known as Coolsculpting has been a blessing to thousands who have tried endless diets and beating themselves up at the gym or with extreme exercise classes. The beauty of Coolsculpting is that it destroys unwanted fat with no downtime and keeps on working months after you have the treatment.

By delivering controlled, precise cooling to the unwanted bulges, fat cells are cooled to the point of destruction and eliminated naturally through the body. With DualSculpting, this process is performed on different sides of your body at the same time. Each Coolsculpting device holds the targeted areas between two panels and takes the fat cells down to just above the freezing point. This causes the cells to shrink because they can’t stand low temperatures.

Coolsculpting treatment is gentle, with just a little tugging or pulling sensation and feeling as if you have an ice pack on your skin. There is also no need for pain meds or anesthesia, because Coolsculpting allows you to resume normal life with no restrictions.

Another Reason DualSculpting is The One

You may ask why two CoolSculpting machines are better than one. Simply put, a CoolSculpting device only treats one area at a time, and if you have multiple areas in need of the cool touch, it can take time. But with DualSculpting, your treatment time is literally sliced in half, enabling you to quickly return to your schedule.

Quick, Powerful, Obvious

The changes that DualSculpting make in your body’s appearance begin taking shape as soon as three weeks after treatment. As the months go by, the results become more obvious with your body flushing away fat cells right and left. Within two to four months, you’ll see the treated area become smaller while never noticing that the fat removal process is occurring.

And don’t worry about the fat coming back to haunt you, because once it’s gone from the treated area, it’s gone for good. Simply eat sensibly and exercise to keep your smaller figure looking its best.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to shrink stubborn fat, it’s time to see double with DualSculpting treatment from Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center of Beverly Hills, where thousands of fat cells have seen their last days on the beautiful figures of our clients.

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