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Dysport Units vs Botox Units: What's the difference?

Dysport units vs Botox units

By now, most people are aware of Botox and how it can help reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. However, in 2009, a competitive product by the name of Dysport was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dysport had been used successfully in Europe by thousands of women and some men for several years prior to FDA approval, but many people don’t know much about the different between Botox and Dysport. This article aims to explore and explain the differences of Dysport units vs Botox units.

Botox and Dysport: An Overview

Botox and Dysport, types of botulinum type A used to prevent the muscles in areas associated with fine lines and wrinkles from contracting, both provide similar anti-aging benefits. Depending on the individual, both Dysport and Botox last for three to six months, requiring repeat treatments to maintain results. Clinically, however, the two offer some differences:

  • Dysport can last longer than Botox in some patients, decreasing the number of touch up treatments required per year.
  • Dysport molecules are smaller, so the results appear faster, with an onset time of two to five days rather than the four to seven days for Botox.
  • Botox treats a more highly targeted area as Dysport diffuses through a wider area of muscle. This can sometimes mean that a patient requires fewer Dysport units vs Botox units, but this varies from patient to patient.

Dysport Units vs Botox Units

The primary difference between Dysport and Botox is in their respective unit dilution. They are ultimately the same product but diluted differently. The conversion ratio varies, but the average is around 2-3 Dysport units to one unit of Botox. If an area requires 20 units of Botox to treat, it may require 45 to 60 units of Dysport.

To determine which botulinum toxin injectable treatment is right for you, it’s important to schedule a consultation with one of our talented, experienced licensed injection specialists in our Beverly Hills medical spa. We offer consultations where our Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant will take a full medical history and perform a medical examination to make sure you’re a good candidate for botulinum toxin treatments for facial anti-aging and which one would be best for your needs and desired results.

After you contact us for your consultation, take a moment to read Botox vs. Dysport: Which is right for me? to get a firmer understanding about the differences beyond Dysport units vs Botox units.

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