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We already know that you’ve seen the CoolSculpting commercials. You’ve read the articles about all of the fabulous Hollywood celebrities who rave about CoolSculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction that really works. You’ve seen the before and after photos; you know CoolSculpting is backed by numerous clinical trials and is FDA-approved. We know we don’t have to convince you that it works; you want to know if it’s worth it. So we’ve come to that bottom line: how much does CoolSculpting cost?

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost in Los Angeles

What goes into the price of CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting prices vary based on your needs and the practice where you receive treatment.

First, the practice where you choose to receive CoolSculpting treatments will set their own prices based on location and the experience and education of the providers who administer treatment. Secondly, cost depends where you want to lose fat and how many treatments will be required to help you see the results you’re dreaming of.

how much does coolsculpting cost

Debra Messing of Will and Grace, CoolSculpting Ambassador and Happy CoolSculpting patient

CoolSculpting Costs Vary From Practice to Practice

If you’re looking for the lowest price tag, you should reconsider that decision. Just because this is a non-surgical treatment doesn’t mean it doesn’t carry risks. This is still a medical procedure that requires an experienced physician, physician assistant, or nurse who understands the nature of body contouring and anatomy. You can be injured by a non-surgical cosmetic treatment if administered by an inexperienced or insufficiently educated provider. If you’ve found a practice that’s offering very low prices for CoolSculpting or any treatment, ask about the credentials of the person who will administer your treatment.

  • How long have they been providing CoolSculpting to patients?
  • What kind of results have they seen?
  • What is their educational background?
  • What kind of board-certifications do they hold?

Oftentimes, you’ll find that the low-cost option means less assurances for safety and results.

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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost for Each Treatment Area?

Belly, hips, thighs and arms - these are all popular areas where stubborn fat likes to hide out. These are called “treatment areas.” Cost is determined by how many areas you want to treat and how many applications of CoolSculpting will be required to see your desired results. For example, you may want to get rid of your double chin. This is a single treatment area, but most patients require at least two applications to see full results. The abdomen is actually two treatment areas: the upper and lower abdominals. Patients most often require at least three rounds of CoolSculpting to see results.

Schedule a Consultation and Get a CoolSculpting Quote

A lot goes into determining how many treatments you’ll need to achieve your desired results. That is why we recommend coming in for a consultation. During the consultation, we will examine the areas you want to have treated, discuss expectations, and come up with a treatment plan. At that time, we can quote the costs associated with your full CoolSculpting treatment package.

If you’re ready to find out if CoolSculpting is right for you, schedule a consultation in Beverly Hills at Lasky Aesthetics.

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