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What if you could get amazing muscle sculpting in only two weeks? Can you imagine looking more shapely in such a short time without having to work out for hours every day? With our EmSculpt aesthetic treatments, you can do just that. EmSculpt is a unique, noninvasive procedure that powerfully contracts your glutes, providing the results of 20,000 squats per session. The aesthetic medical specialists at the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center can show you how to get a firm bum in 2 weeks in Beverly Hills by using this exciting, safe treatment.

How to Get a Firm Bum in 2 Weeks in Beverly Hills

What Is EmSculpt?

EmSculpt may be a newer treatment option for buttock enhancement, but it has already earned a reputation for being effective at reshaping that traditionally difficult-to-tone derriere. In fact, a 2017 study showed the technology used by EmSculpt safely tones and lifts the buttocks, improves the overall look and shape of the area, and helps increase confidence.

This noninvasive device, when attached to the buttocks, works to contract your muscles using HIFEM (high-intensity, focused electromagnetic) energy. A single EmSculpt session gives you the equivalent of 20,000 squats while helping you burn fat and build muscle in only a short time. While it's still important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle through a smart diet and a regular workout regimen, EmSculpt may be just what you need to take your results to the next level.

You'll be able to relax completely in our office during your 30-minute EmSculpt treatment. While you may feel as if your buttocks are getting an intense workout, you won't actually be sweating your way through the session.

Once you're comfortable, a medical aesthetics provider will attach the EmSculpt applicators to your buttocks and start the treatment. We'll begin at a low setting but gradually increase the intensity to a tolerable level. You'll feel both strong and light contractions; some will be long while others will be rapid. Mixing up the contractions pattern throughout your session help provide you the best results.

We recommend a minimum two EmSculpt sessions per week for two weeks, giving you a firm bum in 2 weeks without the additional intense workouts. It’s important to note that individual results will vary, so you may require more treatments to achieve your desired look.

As Seen on “The Doctors”

What to Expect After Your EmSculpt Treatment

Because EmSculpt is completely noninvasive, you'll have virtually no downtime for recovery following your sessions. Although you'll feel as sore as you might after an intense workout, you'll still be able to complete your usual daily tasks.

To keep up your great results, it is important to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Keep doing those squats to maintain and enhance your new assets. Finally, for even better results, and to help maintain your results, you may need more EmSculpt applications.

In studies, EmSculpt provided a 16% increase in muscle mass and a 19% reduction in fat on average in the treated area. If you're already quite fit, you might see some results after your first visit. However, you can expect to see the best results after your first four treatments. The good news is that EmSculpt keeps working even after your treatments are complete, and you should continue to see your results build over the next few months.

EmSculpt butt lift before and after
EmSculpt butt lift before and after

EmSculpt Versus Surgical Buttock Enhancement

The traditional solution for buttocks enhancement has been surgical implants. However, EmSculpt provides completely natural results as it builds your own muscles. EmSculpt requires no incisions, injections, or downtime, and each treatment can be completed in just 30-minutes. This is easily accomplished during your lunch hour or after work.

More Options for Booty Shaping in Beverly Hills

If EmSculpt is not right for you, we have other options to help you achieve a shapely backside. For some patients, other treatments are recommended to reduce fat and tighten skin before EmSculpt can be performed. Others are a great addition to your EmSculpt treatment protocols. So while you work to get a firm bum in 2 weeks, you can also benefit from our other non-surgical procedures.

CoolSculpting for Banana Roll Reduction

One of the more popular options is CoolSculpting, a procedure which freezes away unwanted fat cells. After only one session, you may notice less fat in targeted areas. This is a great way to reduce unwanted fat beneath the buttocks (banana roll), providing more contoured buttocks.

get a firm bum in beverly hills before and after photos
get a firm bum in beverly hills before and after photos

You may also consider Exilis Ultra skin tightening, which uses radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten the deepest tissues of your skin. Although one session can provide great results, up to four sessions are typically needed for the best results. Like EmSculpt, Exilis Ultra also provides some fat burning results.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellutone cellulite reduction is another noninvasive treatment, but this one is designed to rid you of those lumps and bumps which mar the shape of your buttocks. The procedure helps improve skin texture and tightness in the area by improving blood supply and breaking down cellulite fibrosis.

Buttock Injections

While EmSculpt is an excellent procedure for buttock enhancement, stimulating the gluteal muscles may not be right for you. In this case, you may consider our Sculptra butt lift. This procedure uses a special type of dermal filler to stimulate your body to create more collagen. It provides an immediate sculpting benefit while helping your body naturally improve results over the next few months.

Choose Lasky in Beverly Hills for EmSculpt and Other Body Contouring Treatments

When you're considering getting an aesthetic treatment, you want to know you're working with the most trustworthy providers. Our expert providers are supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon who co-owns our practice with two facial plastic surgeons and a renowned dermatologic surgeon. Our entire team provides cutting-edge treatments in the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible. Not only were we the first office in Beverly Hills to offer EmSculpt treatments, but we were also one of the first to provide this new and advanced treatment in the entire Los Angeles area.

We would love to help you decide if EmSculpt or a different contouring treatment would be right for you. Contact us for a consultation today so that you can discover the clear Lasky difference.

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New protocols for office visits

May 12th, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we have instituted many changes to your normal office visit. These changes have been introduced to protect everyone’s health and safety during your visit. All of our staff have been tested for COVID-19 and are negative. They are being monitored daily as well and will be practicing safety guidelines.

  1. If you are sick, do not come to the office. Call our front desk and we will reschedule your appointment promptly once you’re healthy again.
  2. Please wear a mask to your appointment.
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  5. When you arrive for your appointment, please call the office from your car. A staff member will either tell you to come up to the office at that time or will ask you to wait in your car until they text you to come up. Before entering the front door of the office, you will be met by a staff member who will take your temperature with a no-touch forehead thermometer to be sure you don’t have a fever. They will again ask you if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. You will be given a mask if you don’t have one, as well as hand sanitizer since you touched the doorknob to enter the office. We will stagger appointments so that on the day of your treatment, you will not interact with any other patients.
  6. You will be taken directly to an exam room which has been cleaned and disinfected just prior to your arrival. There are also air filtration machines installed in each exam room which sterilize the air.
  7. Our medical assistants, who will be wearing N95 masks and protective eye shields, will take your history and prepare you for your visit. You will be asked to sign a new COVID-19 consent form in addition to any of the usual consent forms you may be used to.
  8. After your treatment, you will check out while in the exam room and any products you purchase will be brought to you. If you give us your credit card information the day before your appointment, we can handle the checkout without physically touching your card.
  9. Please try to make your follow up appointments during your office visit. With new scheduling changes and staggered appointments, last minute appointments may be difficult to schedule.