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How to Treat Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the most challenging skin types to have, often because most of us try to overtreat it and “mop up” as much oil as possible. This is a mistake. Oily skin requires a very fine balance to reduce, not eliminate, facial oil and oil production. Depending on the level of oil you have, there may be a number of solutions to try regarding how to treat oily skin, including professional aesthetician treatments and medical-grade skin care products.

What Causes Oily Skin?

how to treat oily skin in beverly hills

The primary cause of oily skin is genetics. There are particular hormones that trigger oil gland activity, and for some people, overactive oil glands can last long past puberty and into adulthood. In addition, environmental factors like diet, climate, or poor skin care habits can lead to your skin becoming more oily than normal.

Oily Skin vs Acne

Many people assume that oily skin and acne occur together. While this is often true, oily skin is not the cause of acne. Acne is caused by a bacteria which requires a different treatment regimen. Depending on the type and severity of the acne, some patients may require prescription topical treatments and even antibiotics. The good news is that many treatments that help with oily skin can also benefit acne-prone skin, such as facials, chemical peels, intense pulsed light treatments, and more.

How to Treat Oily Skin in Beverly Hills

how to treat oily skin with hydrafacial in beverly hillsHydrafacial for Oily Skin - Before & After

We offer numerous professional skin care treatments ranging from facials to lasers. Combination therapies are also available, providing you with a more comprehensive approach and faster results.

Here are some of the ways we help treat oily skin in our Beverly Hills medical spa:

HydraFacial provides a multifaceted, tailored approach to radiant skin. Treatment includes a gentle exfoliation, a glycolic acid peel, a specialized extraction process, a healing, protective facial, and a post-treatment home application to ensure long-lasting results.

IPL Photofacials help to stimulate your skin's natural healing processes and trigger collagen production. This can heal acne blemishes or large pores. It is a great choice for treating superficial blemishes or hyperpigmentation caused by acne.

Photodynamic Therapy uses light-activated drugs alongside light therapy. Together, they eliminate damaged cells on your skin while leaving healthy cells behind. This is perfect for improving pores, refining skin texture, reducing hyperpigmentation, and calming your redness and acne.

how to treat oily skin with photodynamic therapy in los angelesPhotodynamic Therapy for Oily Skin - Before & After

Fraxel helps minimize pores to reduce oil production and buildup while helping to prevent and treat acne scars.

Chemical peels are a quick, simple way for you to achieve the healthy, smooth glow you desire. They remove the outer layers of skin, which means they also remove any blemishes or imperfections within those layers. Each session is catered to your skin, so you can be sure that you're getting optimal results.

Facials can be customized for all skin types, including oily skin and acne skin type needs. Regular facials are recommended for people of all skin types to keep skin clear and smooth, but certain high-maintenance skin types like oily and acne-prone skin should come in more frequently.

How to Treat Oily Skin at Home

The most common mistake that we see people make regarding treatment is thinking that you need to strip your skin of excess oil. While too much oil is not good, too little is even worse. By drying out your skin, you're actually encouraging it to produce more oil. Another common mistake is thinking that your skin doesn't need a moisturizer. Properly moisturized skin will often produce less oil, not more.

Over-the-counter products that target oily skin are full of alcohols and harsh ingredients that will harm your skin in the long run. We carry brands like SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals because the products are formulated with science-backed ingredients that really work.

Take Care of Your Skin at Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center

If figuring out how to treat oily skin has you frustrated, Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center’s team of skin care experts can help. Our providers will carefully evaluate your skin condition and prescribe a customized treatment plan, products, and prescriptions to address your oily skin concerns. To ensure that you use your products properly, we will teach you how to treat oily skin at home using our professional-grade skin care products.

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