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Is Botox Safe?

Botox injections are non-surgical cosmetic procedures designed to improve the youthful appearance of your skin. For more than a decade, it has demonstrated the ability to minimize the appearance of frown lines and crow’s feet. The only FDA-approved treatment for moderate to severe cases of these facial lines, this injectable medication improves the look of the face by temporarily relaxing the muscles.

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After reviewing the benefits of this non-surgical option, some people ask, "Is Botox safe?" The FDA determined that Botox is an effective and safe medication for cosmetic use in 2002, and was approved for its first medical use in the 1980s. After medications are approved, the FDA continues to monitor the safety of these products. Studies indicate that Botox has a low rate of minor side effects. According to the FDA, the most common Botox side effects are swelling and bruising at the injection site, flu-like symptoms or headache.

Although the procedure and the medication are relatively safe, some people can experience droopy eyelids from Botox. Generally, this temporary side effect occurs because the medication was not properly administered. That is why it is essential that you consult a professional who has experience administering this injectable medication on the forehead and near the eyes. Working with a qualified specialist ensures that you obtain the best results and minimize the potential for side effects.

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