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Laser Lip Rejuvenation: Combining Fraxel with Dermal Fillers for Improved Mouth Rejuvenation

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Whether you’ve never been satisfied with the shape and size of your lips or your lips have thinned due to age, sun damage and dryness, a combination Fraxel laser treatment with a dermal filler, like Belotero or Restylane Silk, can rejuvenate the lips and the area surrounding the lips to add more pucker to your pout.

Comprehensive Lip Rejuvenation

Younger skin appears smooth on the surface because of the presence of fat tissues and the adequate production of collagen. At this stage, the skin’s surface is unlined and unmarked with imperfections, which is the ideal condition that mature men and women hope to recapture through various cosmetic interventions as time marches on.

Factors Affecting Skin Condition

The aging process can do a number on your skin. Collagen production declines with age, and this could lead to furrows and lines, especially around the mouth. Other factors that contribute to perioral lines include smoking, accumulated damage from sun exposure, and genetics. Repeated movement of the lips such as puckering and pursing the lips can lead to permanent lines. Dry skin can also make frown lines seem more prominent.

Anti-wrinkle Solutions

Frown lines and thinning lips are more pronounced in women than in men because women have fewer sebaceous glands near the mouth. For many, full and well-defined lips are symbolic of youth. Fortunately, there are several mouth rejuvenation strategies in use that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration that we like to use as combination treatments here in our Beverly Hills aesthetic treatment center.

Laser lip rejuvenation combines Fraxel laser resurfacing with dermal fillers to smooth lines out and restore fullness in the lips. This non-invasive procedure uses fractional laser technology to remove dark spots and fine lines, improve texture and skin tone and encourage skin cell rejuvenation. Fraxel for lip lines essentially tricks the skin into replacing damaged skin cells, resulting in younger looking skin.

Dermal Fillers

Belotero is a prescription-only injectable that works by plumping up the nasolabial folds. Unlike Botox, Belotero and other facial fillers do not affect the facial muscles. Facial fillers contain a hyaluronic acid gel that fills out moderate to severe lines around the mouth and the nasolabial folds; others are specially formulated for the cheeks and under the eyes. The effect is evident immediately and may last up to six months.

Among the popular lip fillers today, Restylane Silk has the smallest particle size, making it suitable for smoothing very fine wrinkles such as the so-called lipstick lines. Based on hyaluronic acid, Restylane Silk is also ideal for lip augmentation. Restylane Silk comes from the makers of Restylane and Perlane and is the only FDA approved filler that is exclusively indicated for lips.

A Comprehensive Approach to Laser Lip Rejuvenation

Combining Fraxel resurfacing with lip injections is a revolutionary approach to lip and mouth rejuvenation. Fraxel laser technology targets microscopic areas around the mouth and underneath the skin’s surface, triggering the body's own healing process to replace damaged skin cells. After laser resurfacing, injecting facial fillers like Belotero and Restylane Silk build up the delicate area around the mouth. In the hands of a talented and certified injection specialist, this comprehensive approach to lip rejuvenation can yield extraordinary results that are visible and lasting.

Are you interested in this advanced combination treatment to rejuvenate your lips and make them appear more youthful and full? Contact us for a consultation in Beverly Hills today and find out for yourself what makes Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center different from other Beverly Hills aesthetics clinics.

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