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Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation in Beverly Hills

beverly hills cheek augmentation

Non-surgical cheek augmentation is a safe and effective way to have fuller and younger-looking cheeks without the pain, discomfort and risks involved in surgical cheek enhancement. Cheek enhancement with facial fillers can be completed in under an hour, and no downtime is involved. After treatment in our Beverly Hills medical spa, patients can resume normal activities, feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Cheek Augmentation: An Overview

As we get older, cheeks can lose fullness and volume. Decreased cheek volume can become noticeable as early as the late 20's, and the loss of fullness can make you look tired and older than you really are. Flat cheeks give the impression of facial droopiness, shifting the focal point of the face away from the eyes and toward the mouth. Treatment for sunken cheeks can correct this by emphasizing the eyes rather than the mouth. Cheek augmentation gives more precise results than a surgical procedure, and treating sunken cheeks by replacing lost volume has the effect of uplifting the lower face to also correct a sagging jawline and combined with other fillers and Botox for a non-surgical facelift.

Traditional surgical cheek implants can become infected, and if that happens, they must be removed. By contrast, cheek augmentation performed with dermal fillers such as Sculptra, Juvederm ,Voluma and Restylane Lyft are safe, effective, noninvasive and nonsurgical. Besides some very mild swelling, bruising and soreness that usually clears up within a few hours or a few days, there are no side effects. The procedure can be completed in under an hour, and the cost of injectable dermal fillers is considerably less than the cost of cheek implants.

What does traditional cheek augmentation involve?

Prior to the introduction of dermal fillers, creating fuller cheeks was accomplished by inserting a solid silicone implant into the cheek through an incision inside the mouth. Although surgical cheek augmentation can be an effective procedure, it does involve some discomfort and downtime and is generally recommended for patients who have small cheek bones, not a reduction of the fat pads of the cheeks due to the aging process. Body fat can also be harvested through liposuction surgery and used to restore those fat pads, but the results can be unpredictable when compared to dermal fillers.

What does cheek augmentation with dermal fillers involve?

FDA-approved dermal fillers for cheek augmentation, such as Voluma, Sculptra and Restylane Lyft, can be injected very precisely into the deep tissues of the cheeks, thereby giving highly precise results. The injections are performed using a very thin needle on cheeks that have been numbed with a topical anesthetic. Most patients do not experience much, if any, discomfort during the procedure. Once it’s injected, patients will see immediate results and, depending on the filler used, may see results improve over time as the treatment stimulates youthful collagen production.

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To learn more about how you can have fuller cheeks and to explore which dermal filler would be best for you, schedule a consultation at Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center, the premier Beverly Hills medspa. During your consultation, you'll have an opportunity to see before and after cheek augmentation photos, to receive detailed information about what the treatment involves and to have all your questions answered.

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