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How to Rebuild Collagen in the Face and Look Younger

For almost everyone, fine lines and wrinkles are an unavoidable part of the aging process. On top of this, skin tends to lose its bounce and glow over time. The fine lines, wrinkles, sallowness, dullness and sagging skin that are often associated with aging can be traced back to a single culprit: collagen. Collagen is the support structure of your skin that keeps it plump, taut and wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, because collagen production naturally slows down as you age, when your existing collagen fibers break down, they can't be repaired like they could when you were young. The good news is that it is possible to rebuild collagen in the face and regain the youthful glow you're used to seeing in the mirror. Below are some of the best options available at Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center for short-term and long-term ways to rebuild collagen in the face.

Rebuild Collagen in the Face With Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

While facial plastic surgery is a useful tool for looking younger, there are many non-surgical treatments that are very useful for helping patients look younger. Even better, these non-surgical cosmetic enhancements are FDA-approved for facial rejuvenation and are clinically proven to rebuild collagen. They include dermal fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening.

Dermal Fillers: Rebuild Collagen and Get Instant Facial Rejuvenation

There are many FDA-approved dermal fillers that not only give you instant, rejuvenating results but actually help to spark your body's own natural collagen creation over the long term as well. This is why dermal fillers are often the first choice when you want to rebuild collagen in the face. Radiesse and Sculptra are both incredible fillers that stimulate natural collagen production, giving you natural-looking results that improve over time. These fillers can be used alone or in conjunction with other facial fillers and collagen-building treatments below.

Rebuild collagen with Sculptra
Rebuild collagen with lasers

How Lasers Rebuild Collagen in the Face, Neck, Hands, and More

Opting for laser skin treatments is another viable way to rebuild collagen in the face. Lasers are non-invasive and can penetrate to the deeper layers of your skin without the worry of needles. Laser treatments can also be used all over the body, so this is perfect if you want younger-looking hands or chest. One popular laser treatment is Fraxel, which utilizes a special, fractional laser to stimulate your body's natural healing processes. This means that your body will begin to naturally regenerate healthier, brighter skin cells and new collagen for rejuvenated, younger-looking skin. Another option is the ultra-popular Clear and Brilliant procedure. This is one of the mildest laser resurfacing treatments, but it offers a long list of benefits. Not only can it stimulate collagen production, but it can reduce pore size, refresh your skin texture, brighten skin tone and soften facial wrinkles and fine lines.

Does Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Rebuild Collagen in the Face?

Surprisingly, non-surgical skin tightening is another very effective way to rebuild collagen in the face. These treatments utilize ultrasound therapy and radio frequencies to deliver results. Ultherapy is able to tighten skin and improve collagen production by using ultrasound therapy to penetrate into the deepest layers of your dermis. This deep penetration tightens muscles for an extra boost of plumping and rejuvenation. Unlike Ultherapy, Thermage works by using radio frequency technology to deliver heat to the deeper layers of your skin while cooling the upper layers of your skin to prevent discomfort. This heating energy jump-starts collagen production while tightening the layers of your skin for a smooth, glowing appearance. Exilis offers the best of both worlds. It combines ultrasound and radio frequencies to deliver maximum results in minimal time. The heat created is able to stimulate tissue regeneration, blood circulation and collagen remodeling for long-term anti-aging effects.

rebuild collagen with thermage

Do Collagen Supplements Work?

To a lot of people, it may seem logical to add a collagen supplement to their daily regimen. After all, if your body isn't producing enough, it would be reasonable to think that ingesting some extra would help to rebuild collagen in the face, similar to how you can take a multivitamin to help with vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Ingesting collagen isn't quite that simple, however. Most of the collagen powders and pills on the market are not effective. This is because collagen is a protein, and because of the makeup of most collagen pills and powders, your stomach acid ends up breaking down the protein too much to be effective at supplementing your body's existing collagen structure, which makes it impossible for these compounds to help rebuild collagen in the face. However, there are some liquid collagen supplements that have been proven to counter the signs of aging. One such supplement, Pure Gold Collagen, is even offered at our Los Angeles medical spa in Beverly Hills.

Gold Collagen: The Drinkable Collagen Supplement

Pure Gold Collagen is a drinkable collagen supplement that combines 11 active ingredients, including a much higher concentration of collagen than other supplements. This drinkable skincare is a pleasant-tasting liquid that contains a host of extremely beneficial compounds like vitamin E, biotin, hyaluronic acid, zinc and vitamin B6, all of which work together to help reverse signs of skin aging. Studies have proven that Pure Gold Collagen can help improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin hydration and collagen content for younger, brighter skin. This formula is effective because the collagen peptides found in the supplement won't be broken down by your digestive system. This allows the collagen to be absorbed by the body and used to increase skin elasticity in addition to its ability to rebuild collagen in the face.

Rebuild collagen with drinkable supplements

Does Topical Collagen Work to Rebuild Collagen in the Face?

The short answer to this question is no. Unfortunately, no matter what cosmetic companies claim on their products, topical application of collagen via creams or serums simply does not help to rebuild collagen in the face. This is because collagen molecules are far too large to penetrate down to the deeper layers of your skin where collagen production happens. Even creams that claim to use tinier collagen molecules still cannot make them small enough to penetrate your skin on their own to rebuild collagen in the face. Another thing to consider is the structure of collagen. Even if some collagen molecules from a topical cream made it into the deeper layers of your skin, they still would not be able to rebuild collagen in your face. You've probably heard ads or dermatologists refer to "collagen fibers" when talking about your skin. This is because collagen is part of a more complex, woven support structure for your skin that resembles long, thick, rope-like strands. Random molecules of lone collagen couldn't simply cling on to existing collagen fibers to make them thicker or stronger. You can think about it like this: If your favorite piece of clothing has a tear in it, you can't just wrap loose pieces of thread or fabric around it to fix the hole. Trying to rebuild collagen in the face by applying topical products is like trying to fix a hole without sewing it. No matter how hard you try, it just won't work. Repairing the actual structure is necessary for long-lasting results, and your skin is the same.

Rebuild Collagen in the Face and Look Younger in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

If you don't see the beautiful, youthful face that you're accustomed to seeing when you look in the mirror, it might be time to consider your options. Whether you're interested in dermal fillers, laser treatments or liquid collagen, or you simply want more information, don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation. You can call, email or drop by our offices with questions or schedule an appointment. Our friendly, professional staff is ready to help you get started on the journey to a brighter, younger-looking you.

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