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In late 2017, EXTRA TV personality Renee Bargh visited our Los Angeles medical spa for a facial appointment with our celebrity aesthetician Molly Lucio.

In a segment entitled “Renee Likes” on EXTRA Weekend, Renee came in search for what she called “The Lucy Hale Special.” Lucy Hale, best known for her role as Aria Montgomery on “Pretty Little Liars,” has been very vocal about her struggles with acne and how Molly has helped her achieve clearer skin.

As Molly describes in the video, the procedure is referred to as Micro-Bio-Infusion, which combines multiple facial treatments for one powerful facial rejuvenation experience. For Renee, the process started with a facial, followed by a form of microdermabrasion known as hydradermabrasion. At Lasky Aesthetics, we use the popular and proven HydraFacial for this treatment, which cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes all in one amazing treatment.

After the facial and vacuuming, Molly performed a light peel followed by extractions and an LED light treatment. The LED light treatment, also known as Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), destroys the bacteria that causes acne. This helps clear up existing breakouts while reducing future breakouts for long-term results.

Red Carpet Shoutout from the Golden Globes on Instagram

Since the segment aired on EXTRA, Renee has returned to see Molly in our Los Angeles medical spa for more treatments. This was especially important prior to her hosting red carpet coverage at the Golden Globes in early January, 2018. During her red carpet coverage, Renee posted a quick shoutout to Molly Lucio for helping her get red carpet ready.

How Can You Get Red Carpet Ready Like a Celebrity?

At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, all of our celebrity-favorite treatments are available for all of our amazing patients. In addition to the facial that Renee enjoyed during her segment, we offer a wide-variety of other celebrity-favorite treatments, including:

Red Carpet Reveal: This is our signature red carpet facial to help you get ready for an important event or just feel flawless for a fun night out.

Microcurrent Facial: This treatment stimulates the facial muscles for quick anti-aging results with no downtime.

Clear+Brilliant: This gentle laser treatment is a celebrity-favorite because it achieves great results with no downtime. It’s gentle enough to get just before a walk down the red carpet, yet it’s effective enough that celebrities get this treatment written into their film contracts.

celebrity skin clear and brilliant before and after
celebrity skin clear and brilliant before and after

Want More Celebrity Skin Care Secrets?

Follow us on Instagram for more celebrity skincare secrets, or jump right in with a personalized consultation and treatment with one of our fabulous and talented facial rejuvenation experts at Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center. We’re located in Beverly Hills, across from the esteemed Lasky Clinic. We look forward to helping you look and feel like a celebrity. Contact us to get started.

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