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The Doctors Revisited the Muscle Building BTL EmSculpt Procedure

Following their original segment on the new BTL EmSculpt procedure to build muscle and burn fat without surgery or exercise, The Doctors television program brought back four audience members who tried EmSculpt for themselves.

Four audience members went through the entire treatment series, getting EmSculpt for abs or buttocks. Each patient reported back on their treatment experience and results, even sharing their before and after photos.

Four Patients’ BTL EmSculpt Journeys

best ways to look younger without surgery or lasers

The Doctors selected audience members who wanted to improve their physique, improving their abdominals or buttocks using the BTL EmSculpt technology. Four patients were chosen from the audience to test out the procedure, and all four returned with wonderful results.

Norma had the procedure done on her abdomen to improve muscle tone and reduce unwanted fat. She described the sensation as similar to doing crunches and explained that her results have improved even more since her after photos were taken.

Gabriel improved muscle tone on his abs as well, telling The Doctors that the BTL EmSculpt made him feel “10 years younger.”

Both patients reported that the procedure also improved their posture and the core strengthening has helped with their back problems as well.

Kyira had the BTL EmSculpt procedure for a non-surgical butt lift and said, “This actually lifted my butt, and I can see the difference.”

After six treatments for a non-surgical butt lift, Anita had a firmer, higher booty. She also stated that she enjoyed the treatment because it felt like she was getting a massage. Her favorite thing, however, was that BTL EmSculpt is 100 percent non-invasive.

Keep Working Out

As The Doctors panel and the guest plastic surgeon discussed during the segment, BTL EmSculpt is not a replacement for a healthy workout routine. A healthy lifestyle, complete with a solid fitness routine, is important to help you look good and feel great. What BTL EmSculpt provides is extra help to get you over that milestone, whether it’s give you the booty that squats can’t deliver or help you upgrade your four pack to a six pack, or even get you to that eight pack!

How Soon Can I See Results With BTL EmSculpt?

A minimum of four treatments over two weeks is recommended. However, some patients need six treatments to see full results. Results improve over time, so take plenty of before and after photos to track your progress.

Watch the First BTL EmSculpt Feature on The Doctors

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