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ThermiVa Benefits

Aging affects every area of the body. This includes your most delicate and private areas. Not only is the external labia affected by aging and childbirth, the internal vaginal structure is also compromised. This is because the same building blocks of youth, such as collagen, that break down in the face and neck, also break down in other areas. But we have good news. There are non-surgical solutions to these uniquely female problems that once required surgical intervention. One such treatment is ThermiVa at the Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center in Los Angeles. Find out more about how ThermiVa benefits patients from all walks of life.

How ThermiVa Benefits Moms

A number of factors can cause skin to slacken, but pregnancy and childbirth are often the first culprits one thinks of when discussing changes to the vagina. Some of the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth include:

  • weakening of the pelvic floor muscles
  • incontinence
  • stretching
  • tearing

Most women simply live with these symptoms following childbirth, believing they are simply a part of life from that moment onward. Others are too embarrassed to ask questions, even of their gynecologists. The few who seek help often get surgical treatments or long-term prescription remedies.

ThermiVa offers moms an opportunity to find relief from the some of the vaginal symptoms associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Stretching and weakening of the vaginal wall are improved using the internal treatment that uses radiofrequency tightening to stimulate collagen. This improves the internal structure and support. Certain forms of urinary incontinence can also be treated this way. Finally, if sex hasn’t been the same since having babies, ThermiVa can improve sexual health and wellbeing, as it helps stimulate vaginal moisture, increases blood flow, and improves nerve function.

ThermiVa Benefits Explained by Casey Powell, PA

ThermiVa Benefits for Menopausal Women

When your body transitions into menopause, it affects many areas, including your vagina and vulva. Less estrogen causes the vulva's tissues and the vaginal lining to become drier, thinner and less flexible.

In addition to seeking out the appropriate hormonal treatments from your physician, a non-surgical procedure like ThermiVa can help fill the gaps that hormones don’t quite manage. Whether it’s during menopause or the postmenopausal stage, ThermiVa benefits many women by increasing vaginal moisture and improving internal structure and external appearance.

However, it’s not just about menopause. While the change plays a major role in vaginal health, aging takes its toll as well. Even women in this later stage of life who have never had children often experience incontinence and reduced sensation. ThermiVa benefits these patients as well, all without surgery.

Cosmetic Benefits of ThermiVa

Many women are interested in ThermiVa because it improves their sexual experience and decreases incontinence. However, there’s a bonus benefit that other non-surgical treatments do not provide: external labial tightening. As women age, the exterior labial tissue reduces in volume and elongates. When this happens, you may experience physical symptoms in addition to feeling self-conscious about your appearance. With ThermiVa, we are able to non-surgically tighten the external labia during the same treatment appointment. After a series of at least 3 treatments, most patients see a noticeable difference in the appearance of their labia.

How ThermiVa Helps with Sexual Wellbeing

When vulvovaginal laxity or vaginal atrophy occurs, it can interfere with the pleasurable sensations of sex. ThermiVa benefits women experience reduced sexual pleasure and some who have uncomfortable or painful intercourse. Along with increasing moisture, ThermiVa benefits include decreased chafing and itching. Improved sensation has also been reported by many patients.

How ThermiVa Benefits Women with Incontinence and Frequent Infections

ThermiVa was not originally meant to treat incontinence; however, some forms of urinary incontinence have shown improvement with the use of ThermiVa. The thermal treatment tightens the vagina at its opening and its full length. Following ThermiVa treatments to take advantage of its other benefits, women reported a decrease in urinary or stress incontinence. . So, if you find yourself crossing your legs when you sneeze, consider ThermiVa!

Not only can ThermiVa decrease incontinence, but it can also help with frequent infections. Skin infections due to external irritation and internal infections caused by lack of vaginal moisture can be reduced after a full series of ThermiVa treatments. How does ThermiVa help with infections? Vaginal moisture is essential for proper vaginal health. Not only does it keep the skin moist and comfortable, it also keeps it healthy. These natural fluids help flush out unhealthy bacteria and maintain a healthy balance that keeps yeast at bay.

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ThermiVa benefits women from all walks and stages of life. Whether you're interested in tightening a loosened internal vaginal structure, fighting the aging process, or simply improving the look of your labia to increase your self-confidence, ThermiVa may be the solution for you. Come and see our all-female staff for a ThermiVa consultation at the Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center in Los Angeles. Contact us and take control of your feminine wellness today.

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