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Aesthetic Year in Review: Top Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments in 2015

Another year has come and gone, so it’s time to look back and evaluate the top non-surgical anti-aging treatments of 2015. Some of the treatments listed are relative newbies, others oldies but goodies, but all are indispensable tools against the ravages of time.

Here’s the low-down on some of the hottest procedures of 2015 in our Beverly Hills medical spa. They all promise to be just as popular going into 2016 thanks to their excellent track records for safety, fantastic results, and all-around patient satisfaction.

Top 8 Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments of 2015

Botox Cosmetic

When it comes to non-surgical anti-aging treatments, Botox has stood the test of time.

beverly hills botox before and after

Since 2002, Botox has proven to be one of the most versatile and valuable non-surgical cosmetic treatments available. It’s quick, simple, and results are evident with a week. Botox works best on dynamic wrinkles, which are those that result from making facial expressions, such as forehead wrinkles, the vertical lines that become etched between your brows when you frown (often referred to as (the “11”s), and crow’s feet.

Botox acts by impeding the nerve impulses that cause the underlying muscles to activate. This makes the surface of the skin smoother and tighter while minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Depending on your age, skin type, and other factors, the results of a Botox treatment typically last 3-4 months. After the first procedure, further treatments are recommended approximately every 3-4 months to maintain the anti-aging effects.

Facial Fillers

Injectable facial fillers, such as Resytlane and Juvederm, are another tried-and-true go-to treatment to correct facial wrinkles. However, they function very differently than Botox. Whereas Botox relaxes the underlying muscle to reduce the look of wrinkles, fillers do the job by adding volume to your skin.

dermal fillers before and after photos in beverly hills

Dermal fillers are ideally suited to address static wrinkles, meaning those caused by volume loss or the effects of gravity. Under-eye lines and nasolabial folds are good examples of static wrinkles that fillers are often used to treat. Facial fillers are also utilized for cosmetic enhancement, such as adding volume and lift to cheekbones (see Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Lyft), or any other area where aging or gravity has taken its toll.

There are a wide variety of cosmetic facial fillers available. Most are designed with a certain function and for a specific area of the face. Some patients opt to have several fillers administered at one time in a procedure called a non-surgical facelift. This popular treatment option is perfect if you don’t need, or simply don’t prefer, to have invasive plastic surgery.

In other situations, a combination of both Botox and fillers may be the most appropriate course of action, and sometimes even having other non-surgical anti-aging treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing or non-surgical skin tightening, in combination with your Botox and filler treatments can yield even greater results. Our experienced professionals at Lasky Aesthetics have the knowledge and experience to devise the best plan of care tailored specifically to your skin type and desired results. Call and schedule a consultation to discover what options would work best to achieve your aesthetic goals for 2016.

Clear and Brilliant

Clear and Brilliant utilizes precise laser technology to brighten dull skin or combat the early signs of aging. It’s a gentler option than many other laser treatments, designed for patient comfort, maintenance visits between more “heavy-duty” laser procedures, and for those patients who require a less intensive plan of action.

Beverly Hills clear and brilliant before and after

The results of Clear and Brilliant treatments are so dramatic that undergoing the procedure is now part of many actors’ movie contract. It’s quick (30 minutes start to finish), tolerable, and incredibly effective. For all of these reasons, it’s definitely earned a spot as one of the top non-surgical anti-aging treatments in 2015.

Clear and Brilliant’s amazing non-ablative laser technology is used to rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck, and chest by breaking up the surface layer of the skin, encouraging the growth of fresh, new skin, and stimulating collagen production. You will immediately notice softer and smoother skin with dramatically improved texture and tone. Clear and Brilliant also dramatically reduces the appearance of pores.

Results are immediately evident after the procedure, but to maintain your youthful glow and radiance a series of treatments is recommended. Many people schedule their Clear and Brilliant laser treatments with the same regularity they do for visits to the hair salon or facials.

IV Vitamin Therapy

When we think of cosmetic procedures, we automatically think of treating our external features giving no thought to our vital organs. But it’s obvious that when you feel good, you look good. And when you’re healthy, you have a glow from within that no amount of cosmetics can match. So it’s extremely important to make sure our bodies are getting the vitamins and nutrients we need to combat the effects of intrinsic aging – or the part of the aging process influenced by our vital organs.

When we ingest food or take supplements, our internal organs take the lion’s share of the nutrients, and then what’s left is lost to the process of digestion, leaving very little for the skin to make use of. This is why IV vitamin therapy is a useful tool to combat the effects of intrinsic aging. Delivering the nutrients directly to the bloodstream makes them more directly available to the body, including the skin.

Of course, the effects of IV vitamin therapy aren’t merely aesthetic. This nutrient-rich treatment also provides you with extra energy and vitality. It can act as a preventative measure against illnesses such as the common cold, flu, stomach ailments, and even help alleviate the symptoms of chronic problems like asthma and allergies.

To help keep you healthy inside and out, our highly skilled professionals can calculate and administer the perfect dosage and type of vitamins that are appropriate for you.

Watch our episode of Good Work with RuPaul as he gets an IV Vitamin Therapy treatment

Kybella Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction

Kybella was one of the most talked about new, non-surgical anti-aging treatment options last year. Since it was approved by the FDA in April 2015 for the removal of submental fat, more commonly known as the much-despised double chin, patients have been lining up in droves to take advantage of this exciting new procedure.

Until Kybella came along, there wasn’t much you could do to combat a double chin beyond artfully draping scarves or undergoing invasive liposuction. But now our patients can achieve a tighter, smoother, more contoured appearance without the risks and inconvenience of surgery.

As well as being remarkably effective, the procedure is also straightforward, simple, and safe. During the procedure, Kybella is injected subcutaneously via minuscule needles. Its active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, completely decimates the targeted fat cells so they can’t rejuvenate.

Most people see noticeable results after receiving 2-3 Kybella treatments. The number of treatment sessions will depend upon the amount of fat requiring removal. The best thing about Kybella? Once those fat cells are zapped, they are gone forever! Kybella takes no prisoners!

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Laser Skin Treatments

Laser resurfacing treatments, such as Fraxel and Vbeam, involve directing short, focused beams of light at the problem area, systematically removing damaged skin layer by layer. Laser procedures have many cosmetic uses, including minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, age spots, birthmarks, sun damage, acne scars, and uneven pigmentation.

vbeam laser before and after

Laser treatments also improve the skin’s overall condition by stimulating the manufacture of new collagen. Laser resurfacing procedures are also proven effective for the removal of growths such as moles and warts, and even as a treatment for early-onset skin cancer.

After your treatment, tighter, brighter skin emerges in place of the old, damaged skin removed by the laser. How long this will take and what your final results will be are dependent on which of the many laser treatments you have had. There is a wide spectrum to choose from, but our expert staff is always ready to help you understand your options.

Microcurrent Facial

A microcurrent facial delivers weak electrical currents into the skin to mimic the body’s natural electrical impulses. Although not a new procedure, the rejuvenating and relaxing effects of the microcurrent facial guaranteed its status as one of the most popular non-surgical anti-aging treatments of 2015.

Here's how it works. While the low-level current is being delivered, it stimulates the skin while firming and toning the underlying muscles. The treatment also boosts the production of collagen, plumping the foundation of the skin, which tightens its surface and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Your muscles are retrained to return to their “back in the day” locations, and with repeated treatment “muscle memory” becomes more apparent and automatic. Microcurrent facials also increase circulation, giving you that enviable youthful glow. Results are noticeable immediately, but to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles a series of treatments will be necessary.

Ultherapy Non-Surgical Facelift

Ultherapy utilizes the power of focused ultrasound energy, which has been used safely in medical procedures for over half a century. A highly popular procedure, it was one the top non-surgical anti-aging treatments in 2015 due to its proven safety, stellar results, and no downtime.

Professional actors including Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are among those who swear by Ultherapy. And if people who are constantly filmed, photographed, and scrutinized trust Ultherapy, maybe they’re onto something!

By penetrating beneath the skin’s surface using non-invasive ultrasound imaging, it’s possible to visualize the areas that require correction and to target them precisely. Ultherapy is the only non-invasive cosmetic procedure where this is possible.

Ultherapy is designed to lift and tighten the skin of the face and neck. Sagging brows or eyelids and “turkey neck” (that pesky loose skin under the chin or neck) are problem areas this treatment is commonly used to correct. In addition to working wonders as a solo treatment, using Ultherapy in combination with other non-surgical anti-aging treatments like Botox and fillers, can enhance your youthful results.

Ultherapy works by penetrating deep below the skin’s surface to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. Since this process happens gradually and from within, the results of your treatment will be cumulative, occurring over 2-3 months.

What are people saying about Ultherapy?

Looking Great in 2016 with Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments

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