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Vbeam Laser Skin Care in Beverly Hills | Lasky Aesthetics
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Vbeam Laser Skin Care in Beverly Hills

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The Vbeam laser skin care procedure has been around for a long time, but is still considered one of the most highly-effective methods of correcting problematic skin blemishes. The Vbeam is a vascular laser and treats “reds” broken blood vessels, rosacea, and is also good for bruising. The Vbeam laser treatment is much gentler than many other options, but recommended in certain situations where more aggressive treatments are unnecessary or contraindicated.

Vbeam Laser Acne Scars Treatment

If you have acne scars, you have probably spent plenty of money on creams and ointments that had little to no effect. With this laser treatment, the appearance of acne scars is greatly reduced. Stubborn scars will be less noticeable after successful treatment.

Vbeam Laser For Scars

Scars typically have an uneven texture, which only contributes to their visibility. Creams and other medications usually have little effect on this aspect. While it may not be possible to completely remove a problematic or large scar, you can make it far less visible with this treatment. The laser stimulates collagen growth under the scar, which results in a smoother and more even appearance. The length of treatment will depend on the location, size and severity of the scar.

Vbeam Laser Rosacea Treatment

In addition to targeting the larger damaged blood vessels that are part of this condition, the laser destroys the tiny blood vessels surrounding them. These are the ones responsible for making the flushed appearance on your face. For mild rosacea, you may only need a few treatments. However, more severe cases require more treatments.

Vbeam Laser For Stretch Marks

Whether you lost or gained a lot of weight, stretch marks are something that are almost unavoidable. You may not be able to make them disappear quickly and completely, but this laser treatment is one of the best and fastest options for reducing their appearance. If your stretch marks are red, you are a good candidate for this form of laser treatment. Red means they are still in the early stages. If you wait until they are white, you may need Fraxel laser treatment to reduce their appearance adequately.

Vbeam Laser Side Effects

Since this is one of the safest laser treatments, severe side effects are very rare. Swelling, redness and minor bruises are the most common side effects noted after treatment and heal rather quickly.

Vbeam Laser Recovery

We encourage our clients to contact our clinical staff with any questions during the recovery process. Sleeping upright the night after treatment, using cold compresses and using gentle skin care products are all recommended. Oral supplements may be recommended to some clients. Talk to our licensed skin care experts in Beverly Hills to learn more.

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