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Voluderm Makes Aging Obsolete

Voluderm Makes Aging Obsolete

It used to be that the signs of aging were a part of life, until skin care advances and technology came along to “fix” the problem of wrinkles and sagging skin. Results were mixed at best, and only until revolutionary VoluDerm appeared did people realize just how amazing the experience could be to turn back the ravages of time.

Firmer, tighter skin and a youthful appearance can seem like an elusive dream, and chasing after promises of returning aged skin to its younger glory days has put many women on the path toward frustration… until now. With the FDA approval of the VoluDerm skin tightening treatment, a new window has opened for those who want to look younger with no downtime.

So, what is this VoluDerm you ask? First, it is a leading-edge technology that uses something other treatments do not – radio frequency energy delivered to the deeper layers of the skin through tiny micro pins. By combining R-F energy and the teeny-tiny micro pins, the energy reaches deep into your skin’s dermal layers to tighten and strengthen the skin, while stimulating your body to make the elixir of youthful gods - hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

While all of this may sound scientific, VoluDerm produces amazing results not seen with other procedures. Namely, increased volume in the skin with wrinkle reduction. Your skin texture is also improved. And as time goes on, your results only get better.

You may think, “Ah, but I have other things besides wrinkles, like acne scars, huge pores the size of the Grand Canyon, and stretch marks that go on for days.” These problems, including fine lines, wrinkles, and loose or sagging skin are nothing compared to the power of VoluDerm in its ability to create a fresher, tighter look wherever it is used.

Skin issues do, however, affect more than the face. Usually other parts of your body also experience the marching forward of time and its effects, but VoluDerm has you covered. The technology is beneficial for areas like the hands and chest that can show the ravages of time and make you feel self-conscious. If you have kept yourself hidden even when you wanted to wear that sun dress or shake hands with a new acquaintance, VoluDerm can help you uncover beautiful skin and your confidence, too.

Confidence building should never be a rushed experience when it comes to your appearance, but with VoluDerm your results can appear quickly. You may question whether this means you’ll be put out of the loop of daily living because of downtime. The good news is no, and not only is nonsurgical VoluDerm ultra-gentle, it is suitable for all skin types and delivers immediate results with minimal discomfort. Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center uses a biocellulose cooling mask and LED light after treatment to help you feel even more comfortable and to reduce the redness that may appear for a day or two afterward. But once you leave your VoluDerm appointment you’re free to go to the gym, go to work or go shopping! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

However, VoluDerm is the best kept secret in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and found within a mere three area practices. Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center is one of those lucky enough to offer this amazing technology to help make your aging skin a thing of the past!

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