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What is a Botox Neck and Jawline Lift?

Skin care specialists are finding more and more ways to use Botox for safe, minimally invasive cosmetic rejuvenation. Frown lines and deep wrinkles improve even after a single Botox treatment, but did you know Botox also helps to eliminate wrinkled necks and sagging jawlines?

“Turkey Neck” Woes? Consider the Botox Neck Lift

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As one ages, gravity causes neck skin to sag and wrinkle with time and creates the dreaded condition known as “turkey neck.” Many women disguise loose neck skin with scarves or necklaces, and many men hide their sagging necks under turtleneck sweaters. Others choose to eliminate the sagging rather than invest in a wardrobe that covers it up. After all, scarves and turtlenecks aren’t very good summer wardrobe options!

Some people opt for surgical procedures to create a more youthful and smooth neck, but these procedures are costly, time consuming and entail a period of recuperation. Additionally, some patients aren’t good candidates for surgery due to medical conditions. Finally, not everyone needs surgery. If you get started before the skin sagging becomes too pronounced, you can delay the need for surgery with a non-surgical neck lift.

A Botox neck lift is a non-surgical method of giving your neck a “makeover” by injecting small amounts of Botox into the neck muscles to alleviate the sagging and wrinkling you see in the mirror. Licensed Injectors target areas in need and inject Botox into these problem areas. Results are tighter-looking skin, fewer lines or wrinkles and a smoother rejuvenated neck.

Beautify Your Jawline with Botox Jawline Injections

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Jiggling jowls and sagging jawlines can ruin your youthful appearance and make you appear older than you are or feel. Just as gravity affects the skin on your neck, it also affects the appearance of your jawline.

When fatty tissue collects along the lower jaw, this creates unattractive jowls. Gravity pulls the fatty tissue downward making it hang lower than your natural jawline. The late Alfred Hitchcock was known for his impressive jowls; today, no one has to share that same dubious honor.

A Botox jawline slimming procedure is a simple process. Certified Injection Specialists target muscles in your neck that need to be relaxed. This causes your facial muscles to pull up on the skin and naturally tighten your jawline.

With Botox jawline injections, you acquire a nonsurgical jawline lift that makes a tremendous difference in how you look and feel. Even if your face is unlined and flawless, a lumpy or sloping jawline will take away from your youthful good looks.

Neck and Jawline Rejuvenation

Your smooth forehead and unlined facial skin make you appear young and attractive, but it's important that you also take a close look at your neck and jawline for signs of aging. If you see vertical neck cords, jawline sloping, wrinkles, jowls, turkey neck, wattles or deep neck bands, Botox neck injections may be the best choice to improve these conditions and enhance your overall appearance. Schedule a consultation with our certified injection specialists in Beverly Hills today!

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