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What is EmSculpt? This revolutionary new device from BTL Aesthetics is making waves in the media and aesthetics communities as the first and only FDA-cleared device to build muscle. Whether you want to finally achieve that 8 pack or you want a perkier backside without surgery or injections, EmSculpt can get it done!

what is emsculpt beverly hills los angeles

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What is EmSculpt: Consultation, Treatment, and Results

what is emsculpt before and after
what is emsculpt before and after

EmSculpt is a revolutionary device that is FDA-cleared to build abdominal muscles and glutes without surgery or intense workouts. Meant to supplement your healthy, active lifestyle, EmSculpt targets and triggers muscle contractions that most people can’t contract using exercise. In fact, EmSculpt stimulates 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30-minutes. It’s like doing 20,000 crunches or squats in one half hour, all while lying down in the comfort of our Beverly Hills medical spa.

EmSculpt Consultation

During your consultation, we will examine your belly or buttocks, discuss your expectations and realistic results, and go over whether or not you’re a good candidate for EmSculpt. For some patients, they can start EmSculpt right away. For others, another body contouring procedure, such as CoolSculpting, may be recommended first to ensure the best results with EmSculpt.

EmSculpt Treatment

Your treatment involves lying down on a bed and relaxing while EmSculpt does all the work. If we’re sculpting your abs, we will place a single paddle on your belly to stimulate abdominal muscle contractions. If we’re building those buttocks, a paddle will be strapped to each buttock.

The machine does the work. You will feel your muscles contracting as EmSculpt builds muscle and burns fat.

EmSculpt Results

emsculpt before and after
emsculpt before and after

EmSculpt requires a minimum of four treatments over two weeks. Results vary from person to person, but patients see a noticeable increase in muscle tone and reduced fat.

EmSculpt should be used in addition to your regular diet and exercise program.

What is EmSculpt’s Track Record of Results?

EmSculpt is a new device, cleared by the FDA to build muscle. EmSculpt before and after photos show that patients get amazing results after just four treatments, while others require more.

EmSculpt isn’t for everyone, so discuss your options with our providers during your consultation.

Try EmSculpt in Beverly Hills at Lasky Aesthetics

Interested in what EmSculpt can do for you? Contact us for a consultation today to build the body of your dreams.

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