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2016 Year in Review: What's New in Our Beverly Hills Medical Spa?

It was an amazing year for Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center! Our Beverly Hills medical spa added a number of new treatments and products to our lineup, allowing us to serve patients like you even better than before.

Beverly Hills medical spa

The dawn of a new year is a great time for reflection. At Lasky Aesthetics, we are committed to continually improving our offerings to stay abreast of the latest advances in aesthetic technologies, treatments, and products. We did particularly well in 2016 as we introduced several effective new aesthetic treatments to our offerings and based on client demand. Whether you are concerned about cellulite, want fuller lips, or just need a non-invasive anti-aging treatment, we are able to serve you better than ever. Every new treatment has been carefully selected to ensure optimal results for our patients.

Our Beverly Hills medical spa also had the pleasure of bringing in several great skin care and anti-aging products on board in 2016. From a breathable, lightweight foundation that's specifically formulated for use following laser procedures and to cover and treat acne simultaneously, to a drinkable collagen supplement that improves the quality of the skin from the inside out, the past year has brought many great products to our medspa. Given the enthusiasm that we have seen from our patients on all of these treatments and products, it is safe to say that we now have the best lineup in our entire history, and that is saying a lot!

Popular New Treatments in Our Beverly Hills Medical Spa

beverly hills medical spa

New aesthetic treatments are being developed all the time. While there is nothing wrong with sticking with tried-and-true treatments, it never hurts to branch out and explore new options from time to time. After all, there's no telling what a revolutionary new treatment may do for you. At the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center Beverly Hills medical spa, you can rest assured that you have access to the latest and best aesthetic treatment options at all times. We worked hard in 2016 to identify great new procedures and technologies, and we are sure that you will be pleased with what you find.

At our Beverly Hills medical spa, we continually take patient feedback into consideration to improve and enhance our offerings. We also stay on the cutting edge of technologies within the industry by attending special events and staying caught up on the latest developments. Our knowledgeable and experienced team receives in-depth training regarding all new treatments and products to ensure that they can educate patients like you as effectively as possible.

Here are three particularly exciting new treatments that were added to our lineup in 2016:

ThermiVa: Nonsurgical Feminine Rejuvenation

thermiva beverly hills

As women age, we often begin to develop dryness and other issues in the vaginal area. While this is considered to be a natural part of aging, it isn't something that you have to take sitting down. If you are experiencing signs of vaginal atrophy that include dryness, irritation, painful intercourse, laxity, urinary stress incontinence, or other issues, you will be pleased to know that we now offer ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation therapy, a non-surgical alternative to other treatments typically offered by OBGYNs and plastic surgeons.

Through the use of a thin, slightly curved wand, radiofrequency energy is directed at affected areas. Heat is directed deep into the tissues, which stimulates the production of collagen to strengthen internal structures and restore moisture. This treatment can be used to tighten lax muscles around the urethra to combat urinary stress incontinence or bladder leakage. It can also be used to shrink enlarged labial tissues, tighten the vagina, and eliminate general irritation.

For optimal results, this treatment is administered three times over the course of three months. Each treatment takes around 30 minutes and is completely painless, with most patients comparing the sensation to that of a hot stone massage. Plus, there are no negative side effects or downtime!

Exilis Ultra: Combining Ultrasound and RadioFrequency Technology

Exilis Ultra Beverly Hills

In 2016, our Beverly Hills medical spa invested in an exciting body contouring technology called Exilis Ultra. This FDA-approved, scientifically proven treatment can effectively combat cellulite, wrinkles, laxity, excess fat tissue, and other aesthetic issues. Now, in addition to Thermage and Ultherapy, patients have yet another option for skin tightening from head-to-toe that offers added benefits in body contouring.

So what distinguishes Exilis Ultra from similar devices? The biggest difference is that this device uses both ultrasound waves and radio frequency emissions for enhanced effectiveness. By combining these two technologies, this device is able to reach therapeutic temperatures more quickly and can address aesthetic issues more effectively.

The higher temperatures that are reached during an Exilis Ultra treatment increases the permeability of cell membranes around the body. In doing so, it stimulates waste removal, increases fibroblast production, enhances the regeneration of old tissue, and increases blood flow to the affected area. This slim, nimble device is perfect for treating hard-to-reach areas of the body. Indeed, this technology can treat imperfections on not only the face but virtually anywhere on the body.

Without the use of needles or anesthesia, Exilis Ultra produces rapid results for tightening laxity, face-lifting, and body sculpting. We’re excited to offer you this new option in our Beverly Hills medical spa.

Cellutone for Cellulite Reduction

cellutone cellulite treatment in beverly hills

People often come to our Beverly Hills medical spa for help with a particularly unsightly and stubborn issue: cellulite. In 2016, we added Cellutone, an exciting new technology, to our lineup of services. This unique non-surgical technology uses therapeutic vibrations to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Over the course of a few weeks, four to six treatments are typically administered. The vibrations that it produces reduce pressure on the rigid structures below the skin. They also generate heat that interacts with and damages fat cells, which are then drained out of the body via the lymphatic system.

Best of all, this treatment doesn't just treat existing cellulite; it helps to ward off the development of new cellulite in the future. Safe for all ages and skin types, it promotes lymphatic drainage, increased blood flow, and improved waste elimination to shape and tighten the body. When used in conjunction with other tightening and body shaping treatments, it can help you achieve your desired results more quickly.

Juvederm Volbella for Lip Enhancement

juvederm volbella beverly hills

Patients at our Beverly Hills medical spa have been huge fans of the Juvederm line of dermal fillers for years. It should come as no surprise, then, that the introduction of a new Juvederm product caused a lot of excitement. In 2016, we added Juvederm Volbella to our lineup. Designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles in the perioral area (the area around the mouth) and add fullness to the lips, this product is safe, effective, and FDA-approved.

Like many Juvederm products, Volbella features a proprietary formula that contains a special hyaluronic acid gel. Vycross cross-linking technology makes the gel especially smooth and stable, ensuring long-lasting results. A small amount of lidocaine, an anesthetic, mitigates any minor discomfort that may occur.

While Juvederm Volbella lasts for about a year, which is the same for Juvederm Ultra XC, this product is better suited for addressing fine vertical lines on the lips and around the perioral area. Juvederm Ultra XC is ideal for plumping the lips while shaping and adding volume. Another comparable product, Restylane Silk, shapes lips and removes lines by adding fullness. Results last six to 12 months, so if you want to go longer between treatments, Volbella may be right for you.

Popular New Products in Our Beverly Hills Medical Spa

In addition to introducing many exciting new treatments to our offerings in 2016, our Beverly Hills medical spa was pleased to add a number of proven, high-quality products as well. Many of these products are specifically designed to work well with the treatments that we provide, making us the go-to rejuvenation location in Beverly Hills.

Many of the new products in our lineup have only hit the market recently. Below, we've highlighted three particular standouts from our list of new additions in 2016. We'd be happy to help you determine which of these products could be right for you.

Oxygenetix Breathable, Full-Coverage Foundation

oxygenetix breathable foundation

The skin is rendered especially sensitive for a short period of time following many aesthetic treatments, including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser skin resurfacing. Often, the skin temporarily shows signs of treatment, with redness and bruising even sometimes occurring. Standard foundations are too irritating to ultra-sensitive skin. With Oxygenetix, we finally have a safe, effective way to conceal the skin as it heals.

Oxygenetix doesn't just cover up imperfections; it actively works to correct them.

Its proprietary formula includes aloe barbadensis, green tea extract, and vitamin E. Most importantly, it features Ceravitae complex, an oxygenating ingredient. While this foundation is lightweight enough to allow the skin to breathe and heal, its special formula actively improves the skin at the same time. This hypoallergenic, oil-free, and fragrance-free foundation, which is available in 14 blendable shades, stimulates collagen production and fights harmful free radicals. As an added bonus, it is water-resistant for up to 90 minutes and noncomedogenic, which means that it won't clog pores. In fact, patients with acne enjoy the benefits of this miracle foundation as it covers up the breakouts while actively healing them!

After learning that Oxygenetix is used by the casts of more than 90 TV series as well as some of the best-known celebrity makeup artists in Hollywood, we knew that we had to add it to the lineup in our Beverly Hills medical spa. We are sure that you will be beyond thrilled with your results.

SkinBetter Science Skin Care Products

Beverly Hills skin care

Last year, we introduced SkinBetter Science skin care products to our lineup of proven, medical-grade skin care products and cosmetics. These carefully formulated products provide a wide array of exciting benefits, and they are delightfully affordable, too! Visit our Beverly Hills medical spa to sample some of the most popular products from this exciting brand. From deep wrinkle repair hyaluronic acid serums to complex peptide therapies that tone and firm the skin with amazing effectiveness, we're confident you will love these products right away.

One of the best things about SkinBetter Science skin care products is that they are designed to be as gentle as possible. Therefore, they contain no fillers, parabens, or synthetics. Anti-aging cleansers, serums, and creams can be used in conjunction to create a full-fledged, well-rounded daily skin care regimen. The experts at Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center can help you identify the SkinBetter Science products that are right for you.

Pure Gold Collagen Drinkable Collagen Supplement

collagen supplement

When trying to improve the skin and ward off the signs of aging, we tend to apply products to the surface of the skin. While topical treatments can be very effective, it never hurts to nourish the body from the inside out as well. That is precisely what you can do with Pure Gold Collagen, an exciting new drinkable collagen supplement.

Delicious and easy to drink, Pure Gold Collagen from Minerva Labs of the U.K. is loaded with 11 active ingredients. In addition to containing up to 5,000 milligrams of hydrolyzed collagen, it also contains hyaluronic acid, borage oil, copper, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B6, and biotin. This product is formulated in a way that ensures that collagen peptides aren't broken down by the stomach, allowing them to replenish collagen levels in the body for healthier, younger looking skin.

Pure Gold Collagen is offered in 50-milliliter bottles and designed to be taken on an empty stomach. In addition to improving the skin, it enhances the hair and nails, too. If you are ready to achieve more attractive skin, hair, and nails from the inside out, stop by our Beverly Hills medical spa to learn more about Pure Gold Collagen.

Ready to Try Something New?

As you can see, 2016 brought many exciting changes to Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center. You can expect more of the same now that 2017 is upon us, so be sure to stay tuned. Contact us to schedule a consultation or stop by our Beverly Hills medical spa to check things out for yourself.

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