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Why should I consider nonsurgical treatment?

If you have some aspect of your appearance that you would like to change or enhance, nonsurgical treatments may offer a viable alternative and still deliver the results you’re looking for. The advantages of nonsurgical treatments are they can offer drastically reduced downtime with little to no discomfort as compared to surgical procedures. For individuals who wish to avoid or delay surgical procedures, our practitioners at the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center will work with you to develop a realistic treatment plan to meet your goals. For individuals whose goals require surgery, our practitioners will discuss surgical options and provide appropriate referrals when necessary.

Are nonsurgical cosmetic results permanent?

The permanence of your treatment depends on what kind of procedure you receive. As an example, facial fillers may last up to one year, while certain types of laser resurfacing can last as long as three years. The bottom line is our treatment cannot stop the aging process, but it can certainly maintain a youthful appearance. We are committed to helping you get the most lasting results possible.

Is nonsurgical cosmetic treatment painful?

Pain is subjective, but for the most part, nonsurgical treatments are comfortable. For those treatments where discomfort is anticipated, our practitioners will discuss comfort options to make your experience more pleasurable.

Do you accept insurance?

For the most part, cosmetic procedures are not considered medically necessary and are therefore not covered by insurance. However, your specific circumstances may qualify you for coverage. We will be able to provide you with more information at the time of your initial visit. Learn more about your options on our financing page.

What happens when I first come to the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center?

In order to ensure your treatment properly addresses your individual case, your first step is a comprehensive consultation with our patient care coordinator. During this time, she will get a complete grasp of your cosmetic goals, lifestyle and anything else about you that is relevant to your successful cosmetic treatment.

To find out more about our unique consultation process, please click here.

Can treatment be done at the same time as the consultation?

Consultation time is devoted to understanding your goals and developing an appropriate treatment plan. Depending upon scheduling, some treatments can be performed at the time of consultation if no preparation is required. For those treatments that require advanced preparation, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you to return. If you wish to have a procedure performed at the time of consultation due to time constraints or if you are traveling from a distance to see us, we recommend discussing your scheduling concerns at the time of booking your consultation.

What nonsurgical treatment options do you offer?

In the interest of helping any patient achieve their cosmetic goals, we offer a broad array of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to correct most skin conditions. While there are literally hundreds of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, we have taken the time to select only the very best technology and devices to help you overcome any cosmetic issue. We don’t want you to become confused by the complex world of cosmetic care, so we will act as your guide to help you find the perfect treatment options for you.

For a complete list of our treatment options, please visit our Treatments & Services page.

How much is the initial consultation?

Our comprehensive consultations are approximately 30-45 minutes in duration depending upon the complexity of your concerns. We do not accept insurance but are happy to provide you with a receipt with your diagnosis that you may submit to your insurance carrier if applicable. There are various promotions or discounts that are continually offered and therefore we recommend contacting us to discuss our consultation process.

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