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So you’ve tried it all...diet, exercise, and even dieting pills, and it just hasn't worked. Unfortunately, some people have pockets of excess fat that just won’t go away. In this case, you could receive an invasive surgical procedure that would require weeks of downtime, or you could receive nonsurgical body sculpting, also known as CoolSculpting, at the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center of Beverly Hills.

CoolSculpting Los Angeles

This groundbreaking procedure actually freezes those stubborn fat cells to the point of elimination. It does this while leaving healthy tissue intact, meaning you experience no downtime, no recovery period, and no discomfort. If you’re looking to eliminate stubborn fat, CoolSculpting in Beverly Hills at our office may be the perfect option for you.

CoolSculpting: As seen on TV

"I visited the Lasky Center with much anxiety. I’ve never been to an aesthetics appointment before. The office was beautifully decorated, impeccably clean, and so cozy. I was greeted by a warm and friendly staff member. After filling out a few forms, I waited no more than 60 second to be seen. I met with the consultant, Casey. She was very knowledgeable of all the services and products they offer, while not pushing any of it on me. She was informative so I felt comfortable to ask a ton of questions.

I decided that CoolSculpting was the right thing for me. Casey went through step by step of what to expect and she was spot on. It’s only been about 5 weeks, and I’m already seeing results! So, if you’re debating on whether you should save a few bucks and go to some random place . . . don’t. You get what you pay for. I read reviews on about a dozen places and Lasky Clinic is the best around. Best service! Best staff! Best state-of-the-art equipment! There’s nothing better."
AC, Director of Sales,
Peninsula Hotel

CoolSculpting overview and benefits

Most cosmetic procedures to remove fat use lasers, ultrasound or surgery. None of these are precise enough to eliminate only the fat cells. Because of this, surrounding healthy tissue is damaged, causing bruises, bleeding and often lengthy recovery periods. In the end, these procedures often get great results, but wouldn’t it be nice to get the same results with no downtime at all?

The CoolSculpting system took shape after a team of Harvard scientists saw a need for a new type of fat elimination procedure. They saw that patients deserved a procedure that would not leave them with bruising and pain for weeks afterward, such as from laser body sculpting. They decided to take advantage of the fact that fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other types of cells. Because of this, the CoolSculpting system can freeze stubborn fat cells while leaving surrounding tissue completely intact. There’s no need for scalpels, cannulas, needles, anesthetic or residual scarring. It is one of the best alternatives to laser body sculpting Beverly Hills provides.

Once the fat cells are frozen, they are gradually broken down and dissolved by your body. Over the next 3 months after your procedure, you will see a noticeable reduction in your fat volume, allowing you to regain the confidence you deserve using one of the best methods of nonsurgical body sculpting Beverly Hills has to offer.

CoolSculpting in Beverly Hills – the Non Surgical Solution to Stubborn Fat

That muffin top and back fat, those love handles and unsightly bulges that just won’t budge, if you are experiencing any of these issues, CoolSculpting may be your answer. This procedure was developed to target the problem areas both women and men would like to eliminate, those lumps and bulges that keep us all from looking and feeling our best.

The introduction of CoolSculpting to Beverly Hills offices has been revolutionary for the Lasky Aesthetics team. This fat contouring procedure uses the power of cooling to eliminate those problem areas in a safe and nonsurgical way. With the procedure only taking an hour or so, you will be able to get back to life while your body naturally eliminates fat from the treated area. You’ll work closely with us as we plan a treatment program that gives you the body you have dreamed of, all with help of top-notch CoolSculpting in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills CoolSculpting
Beverly Hills CoolSculpting

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CoolSculpting Procedure

As the first step, you will undergo a thorough consultation to determine if CoolSculpting is right for you. One of our practitioners will perform an examination as well as find out about your cosmetic goals. During this time, it’s important that you ask any questions you have so you can make an informed decision regarding the procedure.

Once you are ready for your procedure, you will come into our Beverly Hills office. You will be comfortably seating or lying down. A gel pad will be placed on the targeted area to protect the skin and the applicator will be applied. The device consists of two cooling panels that are used to properly target the area. As the first step, this device is placed on the target area, and the skin is drawn up between the two panels. The practitioner will then activate the patented freezing power of the CoolSculpting device. During the first few moments, you will feel a cold sensation on your skin, and possibly some discomfort such as tingling or pulling, which should dissipate within the first several minutes. Over the next hour, the cooling panels work to eliminate unwanted fat cells while you read, work or take a nap.

Once the panels have done their job, your practitioner will remove the device. She will then massage the treatment area to break up the crystallized fat cells. This helps them to be reabsorbed by the body and eliminated completely.

Each area will be treated for one hour and you should allow extra time to check in and check out. During your consultation, our staff will be able to help you estimate how much time you will need for the overall procedure.

Results From CoolSculpting

Over the next three months, you will see a gradual reduction of fat in the treatment area. Your body will slowly break down the fat and get rid of it through natural healing processes. During this time, you will experience no discomfort at all, such as with laser body sculpting. Instead, you'll experience only the pleasure of seeing your figure reduce in size. If you have any questions or concerns that arise after your CoolSculpting procedure, the staff at the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center is always available. We strive to perform the best CoolSculpting Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have to offer, and we do this by being there for our patients long after their treatment is over.

CoolSculpting Beverly Hills

8 weeks after second CoolSculpting session. Photos courtesy of Leyda E. Bowes, MD

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The Lasky approach to CoolSculpting in Beverly Hills

When patients come to our Beverly Hills office for CoolSculpting, our approach is proactive and involved, and your goals become ours. Your treatment will not only be delivered by some of the most skilled practitioners in all of Beverly Hills, it will also be done in a soothing environment to give you safe and pain-free results.

At the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we believe patient peace of mind is critical to successful treatment. As a result, we’ve done everything to make our facility a comfortable, safe place. The moment you walk in, you will notice that each aspect of the environment is united towards your successful CoolSculpting treatment in our Beverly Hills office. From the office staff, to the practitioners, to the space itself, everything is built around you.

Additionally, one of our first priorities is patient education, allowing you to know everything about available procedures and how they can help. This allows you to make an informed decision regarding your treatment, which is invaluable for a patient. It all goes towards providing among the best CoolSculpting Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have available.

Beverly Hills CoolSculpting

Does it hurt?

The most common sensations reported during CoolSculpting are intense cold, tingling, numbness, pinching and a pulling sensation. These sensations are experienced at a manageable level and normally dissipate after the first 10 minutes of your procedure. The fact that most patients relax, read or nap during their procedure demonstrates that any discomfort is minimal.

After CoolSculpting, there may be some tingling and aching as sensation returns to the treated area. Some people also experience bruising, tenderness or swelling, but these patients actually tend to get better results.

Because there are no incisions or surgery involved, all side effects are minor and patients can return to their daily routines, including exercise, immediately after your procedure.

Can anyone get this procedure?

Ideal candidates are those within 10 to 15 pounds of their target weight, who normally diet and exercise but need help targeting specific areas of stubborn fat. CoolSculpting is not intended to be a solution for obesity.

Best Los Angeles DualSculpting

This procedure is a great alternative for people who are seeking a more toned look but who do not want to undergo invasive liposuction procedures that can require significant recovery time.

The FDA has approved CoolSculpting for areas that have some of the most stubborn, diet- and exercise-resistant pockets of fat:

  • Abdomen (the tummy “pooch”)
  • Flanks (the “love handles”)
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs

"I have been to Casey for both an IPL and the CoolSculpting. I love Casey, she is really sweet, super smart. Makes you feel really comfortable with your service. She explains everything thoroughly. Everyone at the center is extremely friendly and very professional. It is a very comfortable environment. Plus price-wise, they have discounts for your first time which is great. I highly recommend them!"

Patient Testimonial

Freeze the fat twice as fast with DualSculpting

Best Los Angeles CoolSculpting

At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center, we are proud to provide our patients with an even quicker way to freeze the fat:...DualSculpting.

By utilizing two CoolSculpting devices simultaneously, our technicians can treat two symmetrical areas of stubborn fat. Your treatment time is cut in half, and you’re back to your day on an immediate basis. The best part? You still get the same stunning results you’ve come to expect from CoolSculpting, becoming visible in a matter of mere weeks. To learn more about your candidacy for DualSculpting, please call our office today.

CoolSculpting for Men

Los Angeles CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is popular and effective for both men and women in Los Angeles and throughout the world. It is ideal for men because it can target areas that are not responding to diet and exercise. It is not uncommon for men who work out and have healthy diets to still having stubborn pockets of fat, especially “love handles” or extra belly fat.

CoolSculpting won’t interfere with your normal workout routine and doesn’t require a special diet or medication. It also doesn’t leave any scars or marks from incisions. The The procedure is totally discreet and virtually painless.

Freeze the fat on your flanks, thighs and back, all in the comfort of our Beverly Hills office. Our CoolSculpting machines freeze the fat you have been trying to get rid of for years. Contact our office today at 877-847-9612 for more information on CoolSculpting and to find out if you are a good candidate for this incredible treatment!

CoolSculpting + Cellutone

While CoolSculpting technology on its own can create a dramatic improvement by freezing stubborn fat deposits so they are naturally eliminated by the body, many of our patients can get an even more impressive body contouring result when CoolSculpting technology is used in conjunction with Cellutone. Cellutone is an advanced system that uses vibration therapy to ramp up lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow to an area. The system involves several treatments, typically four to six, administered over a few weeks. Every person is different, with unique needs, and your body rejuvenation program will be customized specifically to target the areas you want to enhance.

CoolSculpting is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment with only minor side effects when compared to traditional liposuction procedures. Cellutone treatment scan tighten skin, giving a smoother, fresher, more youthful appearance, by reducing the lumps and bumps associated with cellulite and speeding the process of eliminating unwanted fat cells. The procedure, using therapeutic vibration, works to break up the skin fibers that pull the skin, giving it a bumpy, dimpled appearance. The treatment will help correct the skin structures and trigger the body’s natural healing processes. You may be a candidate for a dual treatment involving both CoolSculpting and Cellutone to smooth and firm the skin.

CoolSculpting Articles

The Lasky Aesthetics Difference

Lasky Aesthetics in Los Angeles

At the Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center in Beverly Hills, we believe that each patient is unique, requiring his or her own treatment that is different from anyone else’s. That is why patients will fly from Europe, Canada and Mexico to our Los Angeles MedSpa for this personal experience.

In today’s marketing world of “thrilling” and “fabulous” procedures, the cosmetic industry is moving away from the standard medical approach of a treatment plan for each patient and more towards a confusing mess of à la carte services.

When you come in with something you’d like to change about your appearance, our first step is determining a proper treatment plan for you. This is done with a thorough consultation, complete with listening to your goals and understanding who you are.

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The Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center is a full service cosmetic facility specializing in nonsurgical cosmetic treatment. For patients looking to touch up their appearance, improve a skin condition or tone their physique we offer comprehensive analysis followed by state of the art, noninvasive treatment. Our patients have called our services the very best CoolSculpting Los Angeles has to offer. Contact our Beverly Hills office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

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